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  1. I tried that. Sorry, but I cannot use the UPS module as we drop ship from different warehouses and don't have a UPS account. Also it needs package deminsions and a whole bunch of BS that I don't need to waste time on. I need to be able to charge these, set fees determined by package weight and our zone system. I know exactly what I want. Either I will have to learn HTML, pay someone to do it for me or buy a cart service for a monthly fee. I just need it to apply to each package instead of combined weight.
  2. correction: multizone would only charge 32.99
  3. I cannot use that number of items. some items cost 5.00 to ship and some cost over 100.00 to ship. I need to use the UPS chart that I have configured on each item based on weight and zones. If a person buys 2-10lb, 1-12-lb, 1-13lb, and 1-14lb item. Total weight 59lbs. my shipping cost would be 70.95. But multizone would only charge 25.99. which would result in a profit loss of 44.96 which is probably as much as my profit margin was to start with. 5:9.99,10:12.99,15:14.99,20:16.99,25:19.99,30:21.99,35:23.99,40:26.99,45:28.99,50:29.99,60:32.99,70:37.99,80:45.99,90:56.99,100:67.99,110:77.99,120:86.99,130:94.99,140:104.99,150:113.99,
  4. Oh forgot to mention I am using ver 2.3 of osc this is the per product add-on I was trying to integrate. http://www.computers-plus.net/per%20item%20shipping%20for%20OsCommerce%20v2.3.3.rar
  5. Hi Hi, newbie here. I installed ans set up osc with no problems. I also installed the add on for MultiGeoZone MultiTable with no problems. It was ver easy even for a novice like myself. I have been a computer tech store owner for 25 years. I am in the baby stages of learning php, but I get the concept. Anyways my question is. I want to use the MultiGeoZone MultiTable to figure shipping, but I need the shipping to be calculated on each individual item as they are shipped seperately. The combined weight shipping amount is incorrect. I downloaded a Seperate shipping module. it was also easy to install. However when i tried to combine them I broke things..... LOL Oh forgot to mention I am using ver 2.3 of osc