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  1. Thank you very much raiya It's OK now !
  2. Ok thanks. I have no the last version of iosc and i have no in my code the mobile_session constant. I go to install the last vesrion if is the only solution. Thanks.
  3. Ok but when i add a product to the mobile version, i want to be redirect to the page mobile_shopping_cart.php. I have no redirection because in the configuration menu of my shop, "display cart when i add a product" is false. The solution is maybe In application_top : if (DISPLAY_CART == 'true') { $goto = FILENAME_SHOPPING_CART; $parameters = array('action', 'cPath', 'products_id', 'pid'); } else { $goto = basename($PHP_SELF); if ($HTTP_GET_VARS['action'] == 'buy_now') { $parameters = array('action', 'pid', 'products_id'); } else { $parameters = array('action', 'pid'); } } how to make the mobile version to be different ?
  4. Hello, I have a problem: On the PC version, when i add a product to my cart, i don't show the shopping_cart.php -> display_cart is false to the configuration menu. -> OK, no problem. But, on the mobile verson, how to make when I add a product the page shopping_cart.php appears directly? Thank you in advance.