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  1. ArjanS

    Icepay payment module with osCommerce 2.3.4

    Ok Bob, I'll give it a try! Thanks for your help!
  2. ArjanS

    Icepay payment module with osCommerce 2.3.4

    Thank you Bob, Yes that is the right Icepay module. I think you are right that the problem has to be in the file "notify.php" But your line of code did not solve the problem. I don't understand what you mean with "or you could wrap each chunk of code in try{} catch{} pairs and use $payment_module->doLogging in the catch{} to log the exception" Strange thing is that the same module did work well in the older osCommerce version, so what can be changed in 2.3.4 that causes the problem? Anyway, thanks!!
  3. Hello fellow users, After a full update from my shop to ver. 2.3.4, the payment module of ICEPAY (and perhaps other PSPs) are working not good. The problem is the order status after a correct payment. A confirmation email with "Paid" just coming in. But in the admin the order state has "Preparing payment" and not paid. I contacted Icepay about it and this was dismissed by saying that I only have to use an older version of osCommerce. Because they had yet no time to update the module for osCommerce. Well, it is true that the current Icepay module is until version 2.3.3. Perhaps someone has an idea what might be the difference in oscommerce, between 2.3.3.x and 2.3.4 what gives this problem? Any help or comments are welcome! regards, ArjanS
  4. Hello, Is there someone who knows the solution for this sorting problem? I have installed this contrib in vers. and everything works fine exept the sorting as described above. If someone knows the solutions, I'll be very gratefull! Regards, Arjan
  5. I am very very happy with the MTS add-on! As graphic designer I also built webshops and use oscommerce for it. but I was never happy with the oppertunities of the basic oscommerce installation. Thanks to the MTS system from Multimixer it suits my needs!! Not only the possibiltys of the system but also the way it looks in the admin is perfect and clean! Also Multimixer acts fast and helpful. Thank you, George! Arjan from the Netherlands