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  1. Hey, Thanks again for your response. Although the PDF doc was little unfamiliar for me, I managed to finish it, ran a few SQL queries and it's configured for UK, Europe and Rest of the World. Only a little snag is left, I have set price addition on count basis in the table. Is it possible to do addition without actually creating table for n number of items? For instance, right now I have it set for 0:5,2:10,3:15... till 10 products. Now, I was wondering if in case client would want to allow users to buy more than 10 products, should I write it till 100 products or is there a shortcut/syntax to instruct the module to automatically add $5 per product? Thanks again, Nix
  2. Hi, Thanks for quick response. During my search earlier today, I had come across yesterday's conversation and had upgraded to version 2.0.6 already. I checked again and found that version had changed, updated options now and everything seems fine. I'll be grateful if you could point me a tutorial about setting up zones, I checked the instructions PDF, but that doesn't suffice for me. Is there a video or something? Thanks again. Regards, Nix
  3. Hi, I installed the plugin following the steps given in the PDF file, it installed as well, but when I set zones, it does not generate labels for the fields. It doesn't save data either. Here's a screenshot - http://prntscr.com/2j1v3v Please help? Nix