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  1. @@Bruce, Great work. I hadn't considered multilingual support, but as you discovered, the plugin is pretty easy to use. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, haven't been on the forums in about a month. It's a very nice plugin, and you mention several good points to consider. For ease of installation, I figured that using their hosting would be fine, and potentially faster than hosting it yourself depending on location. But that's a trade off each user can balance.
  2. Quill does not currently support <h#> tags, per https://github.com/quilljs/quill/issues/111. It looks like support is coming. Font sizes are supported though.
  3. This thread is for answering questions about the Quill.js product description addon, at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9319. Please note that this is for the addon only, I am not a quill developer, so I may not be able to answer questions about the inner workings of Quill.
  4. I removed the contribution and now HTML emails work again. This topic can be closed.
  5. I was unable to find a cannonical support thread for the (aged) contribution titled "smtp through the authentication smtp server" found here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/901. I installed this in 2.3.4 and while it allowed me to send emails, it only seems to send text emails, even with MIME HTML set to true. In fact, it strips my HTML tags and leaves my message looking distinctly forlorn. If anyone could shed light on this or direct me to the proper thread, I'd appreciate it.
  6. jraiche

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@wHiTeHaT Thanks for responding. Please note the link I provided is not currently in OSC. I am building that site in OSC so that I can add more features. All options work except Choose Canvas Style (option 3). Passing the data works well, the problem is with what is shown on the page. The problem is that option three shows all of the choices from option 2 and option 3. It should have only 3 options, instead it has 7 options to choose from. I hope that makes it more clear! Thank you for your help. Josiah
  7. jraiche

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I was wondering if anyone had experience with using multiple image selectors on a page. I am working to rebuild this page (http://www.canvasgnome.com/3-4-standard-canvas-wrap/) in OSCommerce. It's my brother's site. We are working to move the site to a new cart to allow more functionality. As you can see, we have 2 sets of image options. I've made some changes to the code, adding js, changing the structure. But I'm stuck on how to separate the two selectors. The first one works fine. The second one has all of the options from both. This is my objective { First Set: Option A:1 Option A:2 Option A:3 Second set: Option B:1 Option B:2 } This is what I'm getting { First Set: Option A:1 Option A:2 Option A:3 Second Set: Option A:1 Option A:2 Option A:3 Option B:1 //javascript gives "undefined" Option B:2 //javascript gives "undefined" } The query fetches the correct information, without the extra options. I think the problem lies in one (or several) of these vars: $ImageText $ImageDropdown $product_options $First_ImageText I've tried unset() on the variables after the case: statement, as well as emptying them by redeclaring the arrays, and setting the keys to '' since they are appended to in the script rather than reinitialized. Unsetting them makes the first image reference (on page load) correct, but makes the selector for the first set not work properly (it tries to grab the images from the second set). It also does not fix the <select> <options>. They remain as above. The option comes into the cart as an eye icon with a link to the images/uploads directory, rather than an option:value pair. I have already made a variety of changes. I had to change the IDs to classes to make the js work properly and make a number of changes there. I am just stuck on getting the second selector to have the correct options. I think I can work around it by rewriting that part of page with js after loading. But I'd rather have the script working. It seems like it should be a simple fix, but I'm not sure why I can't find the bug. Sorry this is so long; I wanted to give you a full description. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.
  8. jraiche

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    I wanted to extend the functionality of oscThumb to use hard-coded images or any images I wanted. I built a slideshow that grabbed random product images from my store and displayed them (using file size logic to remove things that were too small). Some images are too big though, and I wanted to reduce the size. The code I came up with seems to allow you to use oscThumb to generate css background-images, or any other image that you just want the URL for, much like Sir K.O. mentioned a looong time ago. My solution: $picture1 = tep_image('images/your_image_name_or_other_image_identifier','', '500px',''); $picture1 = substr($picture1, 10, -46); Then when you want to call it: /* This is CSS */ background-image:url('<?php echo $picture1 ?>') It's not really that hard, but took me hours to figure out. You don't need to hash the image name or anything - it's all done automatically. All my code does is cut off the first 10 and last 46 characters of what tep_image with oscThumb generates. Of course, you can pass along any parameters you want. jraiche