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  1. Hi My EP installation works fine exept when I mark the attributes box then excel give me a warning that the file did not load fully. Then I get the header row and under that 1065 the query was empty [tep stop]. I searched this thread and tried several thing but nothing works. Thanks Wilco
  2. procomp65

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Chris Yes I have 2 databases nl. chaospag_osc1 and chaospag_plst1 Phplist and osc are up and running without errors for about 3 months already. It's just when I installed the mod that I got the error There are 3 osc files that you have to mod : (according to install doc only add and replace) catalog/create_account.php catalog/account_newsletters.php catalog/admin/customers.php 2 new files: catalog/includes/phplist_define.php catalog/admin/includes/phplist_define.php I have changed the define files to what ever I could and still get the error, Is there anything I have to define in the 3 osc files. Please try and help once more, if I don't get it to work I will stop and remove the mod. Thanks Wilco
  3. procomp65

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Thanks Chris I still don't come right. I have changed priviledges to all for all users on both databases. Here is how my config file looks define('PHPLIST_DB', 'phplistdb.'); //the name of the phplist database if same as osC, leave blank define('PHPLIST_TABLE_PREFIX', ''); //if a table prefix is used give it here (if none, leave blank) define('PHPLIST_LISTNO', '2'); //the listnumber to subscribe/unsubscribe users to/from (must have been created in phplist) where should what go Thanks Wilco
  4. procomp65

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    I have another error and don't know how to sort it out "1142 - SELECT command denied to user 'chaos_osc1'@'localhost' for table 'user_user' select id, email, foreignkey from phplistdb.user_user where email = 'lanie@chaos.com' any suggestions chaos_osc1 is oscommerce data base chaos_plst1 is my phplist data base. The user_user table, part of which database is that Thanks
  5. procomp65

    Images on define mainpage contribution

    Is there nobody who knows how to add a simple image to oscommerce front page. Wilco
  6. Hi all How can I add images to the main text body with the define Mainpage contribution. Here is part of the code. I would like to add a small image where I have written " see the picture below. <?php $mainpage_title = "New Product news and reviews"; $mainpage_info = " <p>We have started to add Venom Performance products. Ckeck out their nitrous systems, there is nothing like it available in South Africa, it's the worlds most advance system available.Browse the catagories for more super stuff from them. <p>For all female racers, you can purchase all Venom's products in purple with their GIRL POISON logo on it. See the picture of their GIRL POISON Civic below Thanks Wilco
  7. procomp65


    Thanks HJP I got it right to some extend. On my mainpage it is working fine, but as soon as I go into a sub catagory , it dissapears. What can the fault be?. Thanks
  8. procomp65


    Hi I've tried to get the code that HJP posted to work with coll menu, but all I get is a balnk box. I've tried to use the resolutions given to other users with out any sucess. Please help
  9. Hi all I Tried all the code and resolutions given by HJP to get coolmenu to work. Every thing looks right, exept the box is blank with no catagories. Please help Thanks Wilco