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    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3.4

    To Nick: Hi Nick, Thank you so much for your response to my silly questions. I have learned a lot from your tips. I have checked your URL, I appreciate that you are doing big business. I just courious, where is your location? If I want to choose your hosting, at least I would like to know what country you are in. (in case considering the time zone difference etc.) And if you can do me a favor to show some links of your customers' (owners' ) online shops let me to have an overview of what my online shop should look like. Again I apprciate so much your response, thank you so much! Joys ________________________________________________________________________________________________ To Steve, Hi Steve, I appreciate and thank you so much your response to my questions. I do learn something from you. I enjoy you saying: store owner not coder. :D. And I admire that you are the store owner now, but myself still not the store owner yet! My response is - coder or not coder is no matter, matter is you are doing your own business now! if you can do me a favor - showing me the link of your online store, I can learn something new from you! Will you? (only when you like to...) Also I like your quote: backup, backup and backup! I need to really remember backup my content stuff. Again thank you so much. Joys
  2. jcsls6

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3.4

    :D Hi Mr. Ponce, I appreciate so much your message. I am new to Oscommerce, but very interested in it. I want to set up a online store. But I am not sure how? Maybe you can help me clear my mind. after I purchase the web hosting, I still need to install the OSCommerce software to my PC or not? Since PHP and MySQL have the web-based administration. can I just edit my online store in the web server and not need to install the PHP/My SQL in my PC at all? I am a little confused about this: can it be another possible way? Oscommerce is just like shopping cart? If I want to add a home page or other features in the my website, and the Oscommerce is within my website, can or not? for example, if I use Dreamweaver :software set up my PHP/MySQL website and link to my purchased web hosting (which support the oscommerce), then I downloard the Oscommerce source code inside my web pages, can it work this way? I will have more control over my online store then. I know you are the expert of oscommerce, would you please advice me about my above two questions? in a word: 1. can I just edit my online store in the web server no installation anything in my PC? 2. if I want to have more control over my online store, can I use the oscommerce source code add to my web site using Dreamweaver? I would like this if it is possible. Any other advice and suggestions are very welcome. I want to work it out in the best way, if you have some examples of Oscommerce website link for me to look at (both examples of my two questions, that will be wonderful!) Many thanks in advance!!! Sincerely, Joys