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  1. Thanks for the reply Matt, Believe the web host runs under Windows and the site is using SMTP. I can send mail through the web site to my self using a personal email address fine but get no emails through the site from orders or inquires. I've downloaded the script and will look into it but doubt I'd know how to use it.
  2. Suddenly not getting emails through the site, and want to verify the SMTP settings, any one know where these are located? Thanks Ken
  3. you haven't update your OsCommerce web site to be mobile friendly or have not appreciated the necessity this should help convince you. Of particular interest to me is that the Mobile percentage has been on the rise over a number of months. Monthly sales insights report from PayPal.
  4. Ken_Shea

    Bread crumb question

    Thanks, will look a little further.
  5. Ken_Shea

    Bread crumb question

    Hopefully I can ask this with out confusion. It appears that any linked product maintains the initial linking catagory in the bread crumb even though that item was selected in another catagory. It's clearly confusing for people, is there a way to make the bread crumb show the catagory people are in.. 1st pic is initial entry into the category, 2nd pic is a product selected in that category The 995 Carbine 9mm should read Hi-Point 1095TS 10mm Carbine Thanks Ken
  6. Ken_Shea

    Alternatives to PayPal

    Thanks Ales for the suggestion, I see that they operate globally but do you know if they are a USA company?
  7. Ken_Shea

    Alternatives to PayPal

    Hi all, Any one using a online payment method similiar to PayPal ? I.E. no credit card information entered on my site and then a transfer of that information to a processor gateways. Thanks Ken
  8. Ken_Shea

    Action Recorder results questiom.

    Thanks Jack
  9. What do the numbers inside the brackets in the customer name column represent? Thanks
  10. Ken_Shea

    View Counter

    Jack, V1.6 does not appear to be blocking countries in the list. I deleted the current list of countries to be blocked to start afresh but it does not appear to be creating this blocked list. Perhaps it won't show up in the list untill the first visitor occurance from those on the list? There have been numerous visits from countries on the original blocked list. No reply expected during the Thanksgiving season. Ken
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    Hi Jack, In post #263 there is mention of " The only problem is if the block countries option is enabled. It uses an external site and that site seems to be down more than up. This has been fixed in the unreleased version." You had installed (On Target Sports) V1.6 the first week of November, would this have this Fix mentioned? On another subject, how many IP's can be blocked before it begings to degrade site performance, if at all? Thanks Ken
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    Jack, Is there a way when clicking on the "?" in the list of IP's to use another IP information service site rather then "Arin Who Is", other then using a service independent of View Counter. More often then not Arin Who Is seems to give no useful information as to where the IP is located. Generally showing similar to this. Thanks Ken # # ARIN WHOIS data and services are subject to the Terms of Use # available at: https://www.arin.net/whois_tou.html # # # Query terms are ambiguous. The query is assumed to be: # "n" # # Use "?" to get help. # # # The following results may also be obtained via: # http://whois.arin.net/rest/nets;q= # dotnetdotcom.org 208-115-111-64-28-DOTNETDOTCOMDOTORG (NET-208-115-111-64-1) - Wowrack.com WOW-IPV4-NET2 (NET-208-115-96-0-1) - # # ARIN WHOIS data and services are subject to the Terms of Use # available at: https://www.arin.net/whois_tou.html #
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    Jack, Just out of curiosity, Do you have an idea what is going on with an IP showing a US flag and when the little "?" is clicked it indicates South Brisbane in AU, when this same IP is checked in http://whois.domaintools.com it indicates China as the originating country. Ken