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  1. Jokes on me I guess
  2. I can't help much with trouble support, is there a means to donate to OSC?
  3. Ken_Shea

    Site Meta Tags not applying when tested.

    Is there an appropriate SEO mod Using OSC v2.3.4.1 BS EDGE
  4. This particular function, now that it is understood is of little value to my site. That said, I'd be happy to help out the larger community by sponsering a coder, how is this done? Curious Burt, I've read dozens of your helpful post and have never seen you ask this question ever, why me?🙂
  5. Is this to be placed in the default.htm of the root directory? The "Title" shows when analyzing but nothing else The This is what I put between <head> </head>
  6. Ahh OK, did not realize this URL was for the purpose of linking to the manufacturer's web site, makes sense now.
  7. Ken_Shea

    File permissionsI

    Have looked and searched, there just isn't any admin/includes to be found JcMagpie, this is not a clean install but with numerous addon's and mods by a well known fellow OSC programmer here in the forum, perhaps that accountrs for the difference. Did find a number of configure.php and set to the 0444 permissions on these.
  8. Ken_Shea

    File permissionsI

    Ill look closer.
  9. Ken_Shea

    File permissionsI

    I never use FTP, so thatr's a moot warning. Al little late for that MrPhil LOL, BTW it's the version you suggested back when Of course I'm fuzzy about whats going on, you were too at one point, 95% of the people posting are fuzzy about OSC
  10. Ken_Shea

    File permissionsI

    This is where I am looking, in the admin dir, only file there is PayPal.Php public_html/catalog/admin
  11. Ken_Shea

    File permissionsI

    Running the convert took care of that warning, thanks much guys, all green now.
  12. Ken_Shea

    File permissionsI

    LOL, UFO , yes it was supposed to be UTF8, I'll give that a try