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  1. Ken_Shea

    Need Html advice and help

    Thanks much Jack, I'll see what I can do.
  2. The layout looks great on desk top but not on a mobile. I want the sad face+ text + sad face to be first line and not to left of pictures. Is this something that can be accomplished with html in the source code? <p><strong><img alt="sad" src="https://cdn.ckeditor.com/4.6.2/full/plugins/smiley/images/sad_smile.png" style="height:23px; width:23px" title="sad" />KITS CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO CA<img alt="sad" src="https://cdn.ckeditor.com/4.6.2/full/plugins/smiley/images/sad_smile.png" style="height:23px; width:23px" title="sad" /></strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size:12px"><strong>VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ:</strong></span><br /> Changes in Hi-Points design and manufacturing of these carbines over the years require different conversion kits. To insure proper fit and/or function on your rifle, <strong>serial numbers are now required</strong>, my apologies but there are no exceptions.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>During the checkout process there is a comment section where you can enter your serial number or you can enter it in a reply to the order confirmation you will receive once ordered, or you can email <strong>kens@ontargetsportsonline.com</strong> be sure refference your order number..<br /> <br /> This is a great DIY direct fit to upgrade the original 995 Carbine to have the exact same stock as the new 995TS.<br /> Provides multiple rails to mount accessories.<br /> <br /> Once installed see the 995TS page for other upgrade options for this.</p>
  3. Ken_Shea

    Site quick Find question

    I like the better way, but modifying the database tables is out of my league, sound like a job for after the move to CE is made, he's got enough to do right now Thanks
  4. Ken_Shea

    Site quick Find question

    How would I go about creating a specific search criteria? Example: say there are a two dozen grips but I only want to search for those that fit a compact firearm not where the search would result in finding every item with "compact" or "grip" in it? I want to put a href link in a product pages I.E. Click here to view all available grips" Tried SEO keywords, no joy and no surprise. Doubtful that is entirely clear, if not reply and I'll explain further. Thanks
  5. What takes place with "orders will be automatically finalized" ? If automatic finalize is true then orders will be automatically finalized when the status is changed to this: Processing
  6. Ken_Shea

    Location of this button

    That did it Steve, thanks for the help.
  7. Ken_Shea

    Location of this button

    Thanks heather, looking into upgrading to CE
  8. Ken_Shea

    Location of this button

    I'd like to create a little more descriptive button then the green "Checkout" but unable to locate it. BS Edge v Thanks for the help, I really mean that, be lost with out this forum
  9. Ken_Shea

    BS Edge, how are testimonials shown?

    I had checked the files for any file named testimonials and found nothing, I think (now)it is yet another leftover from converting to BS Edge where in the previous version I did have a that feature. I removed the Nav bar because it just duplicated other links though don't recall deleting a testimonial module. I'll be going to Phoenix no doubt soon. Probably won't do any more mods to edge at this point. Thanks
  10. How do I activate testimonials so they are visible? Seems it should show up under the "Information" column or "Information box" Thanks for any help.
  11. Ken_Shea

    Is the view counter functional?

    Unable to find any search results on your web site Jack, is it still valid add on a BS Edge install? Found it under the quick search
  12. Ken_Shea

    Is the view counter functional?

    I bet that is a carry over from the pre BS edge install.
  13. Ken_Shea

    Is the view counter functional?

    Yes, it does show your name, but no mention of needing installed, thanks, I'll look into that.
  14. In BS Edge there is a view counter shown under Configuration, it has been turned on but see no results.. Where and how is this viewed. Thanks
  15. Ken_Shea

    Where is this text located.

    Your use of the words future proof is something I had not thought of and something to consider even at my age LOL