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  1. Thanks for the reply Matt, Believe the web host runs under Windows and the site is using SMTP. I can send mail through the web site to my self using a personal email address fine but get no emails through the site from orders or inquires. I've downloaded the script and will look into it but doubt I'd know how to use it.
  2. Suddenly not getting emails through the site, and want to verify the SMTP settings, any one know where these are located? Thanks Ken
  3. you haven't update your OsCommerce web site to be mobile friendly or have not appreciated the necessity this should help convince you. Of particular interest to me is that the Mobile percentage has been on the rise over a number of months. Monthly sales insights report from PayPal.
  4. Ken_Shea

    Bread crumb question

    Thanks, will look a little further.
  5. Ken_Shea

    Bread crumb question

    Hopefully I can ask this with out confusion. It appears that any linked product maintains the initial linking catagory in the bread crumb even though that item was selected in another catagory. It's clearly confusing for people, is there a way to make the bread crumb show the catagory people are in.. 1st pic is initial entry into the category, 2nd pic is a product selected in that category The 995 Carbine 9mm should read Hi-Point 1095TS 10mm Carbine Thanks Ken
  6. Ken_Shea

    Alternatives to PayPal

    Thanks Ales for the suggestion, I see that they operate globally but do you know if they are a USA company?
  7. Ken_Shea

    Alternatives to PayPal

    Hi all, Any one using a online payment method similiar to PayPal ? I.E. no credit card information entered on my site and then a transfer of that information to a processor gateways. Thanks Ken
  8. Ken_Shea

    Action Recorder results questiom.

    Thanks Jack
  9. What do the numbers inside the brackets in the customer name column represent? Thanks
  10. Jokes on me I guess
  11. I can't help much with trouble support, is there a means to donate to OSC?
  12. Ken_Shea

    Site Meta Tags not applying when tested.

    Is there an appropriate SEO mod Using OSC v2.3.4.1 BS EDGE
  13. This particular function, now that it is understood is of little value to my site. That said, I'd be happy to help out the larger community by sponsering a coder, how is this done? Curious Burt, I've read dozens of your helpful post and have never seen you ask this question ever, why me?🙂