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  1. GIS_John

    QuickBooks Contrib

    I'm using the newest version of the contrib with QuickBooks v5.0 (from 1998) I get an error when importing the IFF file telling me that "The Tax field can not be left blank..." I noticed that in the file there is no lineitem for tax. I'm not real familiar with the IFF format, but should there be a line for sales tax, if sales tax was charged? The customer data import works fine, I just can't import the invoices. Thanks, John
  2. GIS_John

    Bluepay Installation Problems

    Yes, I did manage to get it working. What I did was to take the authorize.net payment module, and modify it to process the Bluepay data (changing fields, connections, etc.). I can send you a copy of wha tI did if you want. Thanks, John
  3. GIS_John

    UPSChoice Problem

    I am having a problem since I installed the UPSChoice contribution. It works perfectly in displaying the available choices, and calculates the shipping correctly on the checkout_payment.php page (I had to add an order total to the checkout_payment page for my client), but then when I submit the payment info, and get the final confirmation page, the shipping method shows up as a number, and the shipping cost is the same number (ex, I get "4" for the shipping method, and $4.00 for the shipping cost). The snapshot for this site is around the first or second week of December (can't remember exactly) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  4. I am trying to install the Bluepay (onlinedatacorp) payment module on the OSC snapshot dated 12/30/2002. I can get the other payment methods to show up, but the BluePay module refuses to show up. Is this module even compatible with the newer snapshots? Am I missing something?