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  1. Is there anyway to offer more than one download when only one purchase is made? Right now I have mine setup with "Shipping" as a product attribute & "Download only" and "Ship product" as the two values. When a customer chooses "Ship product" it progresses through the checkout process like normal. When he/she chooses "Download only" it adjusts the weight (using the "Add Weight To Product Attributes v0.1" contrib) to make it 0, which invokes the Downloads Controller to manage the download process after checkout & payment confirmation. What I would like to do is offer "combo" packages of products where they save money by buying more than one product in a series together instead of buying just one or buying them separately. Currently if they order 'Product 1' they would be able to download 'product1.zip' and the same with 'Product 2' (product2.zip). Is there a way to set up osCommerce using the Downloads Controller so that when a customer purchases 'Combo Package' (containing products 1 & 2) for download only they will be authorized to download both of the zip files? I know that I could simply zip the two products together into a 'combo.zip' package & link it to the combo product, but this would be doubling up the server space. I'm willing to do this, but would rather not take up unneeded space if it is possible to simply link both products for download when the combination package is purchased. I tried adding both zip files as 'Download only' attributes to the combo product, but this just adds two 'Download only' options (one for each of the zips) to the checkout process (where the customer can choose only one - not both). You can see what I'm talking about here: http://www.reimagedesign.com/catalog/produ...?products_id=30
  2. Right now I have product attributes for "Shipping" with values of "Download only" and "Ship product." These are chosen during the checkout process. When a customer chooses "Ship product" the checkout process continues like normal. If a customer chooses "Download only" the weight is reduced to make it 0 lbs & invokes the free shipping module and marks their product for download once I have confirmed payment. The problem is that I can only specify one zip file per download. So if I have package1.zip (approx. 32mb) and package2.zip (about the same), the only solution right now is to combine these into a third combo package combining the other to - which would double the file sizes on my server. Is there another contribution which allows you to specify more than one file for download? I tried setting up a couple of attributes, one for each download, and marking both as "Download only." However, this just adds a third option in the checkout process & forces the customer to choose one of the "Download only" instead of both. You can see what I'm talking about here: http://www.reimagedesign.com/catalog/produ...70fe46fcfbf6214
  3. I'm setting up a site for downloadable products. I have the Downloads Controller contrib installed & running great. I can't seem to figure out a way to do one thing, however. I'd like to offer "Combo" packages where if someone purchases two or three products from the same series together they save money buying the package rather than buying them separately. Is there a way to set up osCommerce/Downloads Controller to allow someone to purchase one product (a "combo" package item) and then have the individual downloads show up in their account after verification/payment? I know I could zip the two products together & offered the combined zip with the purchase, but that would eat up at my server space, something I don't have enough of as it is. Anyone know if there is a way to do this? Thanks for your help!