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    kenthsoderholm reacted to rpdesign in Shipping is not included in total on checkout   
    Is the shipping configured in the admin modules->order_total for the proper sort order?
    This might be the problem, It also could be a bad database, but i'm glad you fixed it somewhat.
    Not only that but OsComm has 5 different default shipping options
    Flat rate
    Table rate
    per item
    United States Postal Service
    zone rates
    so which one is marked off? // this will have a sort order of 0 or some other number in this column
    Again with the order total modules they are
    Low order fee
    Shipping 2 //sort order
    Sub-total 1 //sort order
    Tax 3 //sort order
    Total 4//sort order
    the sort order determines where they show up in the shopping cart side of things. You want to have sub-total as your first option.
    Next is your shop in "virtual" mode?
    Next another possible outcome is that with all the confusion your sr lead might have uploaded the wrong vers of the checkout pages.
    So for ex he uploaded v2.3 OsComm files instead of the v2.2 OsComm files.
    If you can give a screen shot of the admin without the address bar on top that would help.
    please make one of each modules->shipping and modules->order total.
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    kenthsoderholm reacted to burt in Shipping is not included in total on checkout   
    I suspect your database entries are corrupted.
    Uninstall ALL of your shipping modules, then use phpmyadmin to make sure that every shipping module is fully uninstalled.
    Do the same for the Order Total modules.
    Then re-install the shipping modules, and configure them.
    Then re-install the order_total modules and configure them.
    After doing this, report back.