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  1. kenthsoderholm

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    Emailed high-quality-php-coding and they helped me. Had to get the includes/modules/order_total/ot_discount.php from 3.2 for osc 2.3.1 Now the taxes and discount work like a charm, as long as you order them correctly...
  2. kenthsoderholm

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    Hi, I'm using Discount Code 3.1 for OsC 2.2. I'm having problems with tax not being affected by the discount. I think my problem is that the tax_discount array is empty on checkout_confirmation.php and not affecting the shown tax. I've been looking at ot_tax.php and ot_discount.php to try and fix it. Any suggestions? (Have tried some of the things in this thread, but no dice)
  3. kenthsoderholm

    Shipping is not included in total on checkout

    Burt: Tried your suggestion and nothing changed. Then the senior dev remembered that this customer had a "special" checkoutpage that they wanted to have, and when we reverted to an older version of the webshop everything worked again so there was probably some buggy code in the special checkout. Thanks for your time guys. next time when I need help it will be for problem that hasn't been manufactured by my former colleagues... //Kenth
  4. kenthsoderholm

    Shipping is not included in total on checkout

    My hack didn't really solve the problem since it caused a problem with the payment module since the requested funds and the basket value didn't match )= The info you requested: The sort order of shipping methods are "Country Based" 0 (zones.php) "Collect at store" 99 (TiM's) And the sort order of the order total is low order fee 4 Shipping 2 Sub-total 1 Tax/VAT 3 Total 5 Newbie at OsC so what exactly is "Virtual mode"? Have screens of each. Hopefully you can see what's wrong, despite the swedish and the remodelled UI. Thanks in advance //Kenth http://kenthsoderholm.se/images/module_order_total.PNG http://kenthsoderholm.se/images/module_shipping.PNG
  5. kenthsoderholm

    Shipping is not included in total on checkout

    I made a hack to fix it. When the order_total object is created but before the process() I set the $order->info['shopping_cost'] depending on the $order->info['shipping_method'] not pretty but it works as supposed to now...
  6. kenthsoderholm

    Shipping is not included in total on checkout

    Sorry bout the vagueness, got this one dumped on me by senior dev who was swamped... As far as I can see we are using the order_total module and shipping module that is stock in OSC 2.2.2 with no apparent modifications. Allow free shipping is set to false in adminpages. Not sure how to describe the problem further.
  7. As stated in the title. When a customer goes through the checkout process it doesn't add the shipping cost to the total and then the order total is "order - shipping". Example: Customer A adds a 10SEK item to his/her basket. Then goes through checkout (after signing in and all of that), on checkout.php it states "This is the only shipping option available" and the cost of that shipping option. But the shipping cost is set to 0 in the "Products" box above "confirm purchase". The shipping cost continues to be 0 on all following steps. Any ideas? Been googling and looking through code for a couple of hours now.