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  1. How can I get Paypal express to always go to the "Review your information" page? It only seems to go there if the customer is logged in. When logged out, it only show the abbreviated cart in the upper right, not the more detailed one from the review page. Thanks
  2. I installed this add-on, and I can add new products, but I cannot copy products without receiving this error "1054 - Unknown column 'products_min_order_quantity' in 'field list'". However, that column does exist in mysql. What do I need to do to resolve this? Thanks
  3. Here's how my products are set up: Products A, B, and C are in the same category. A = $15, B =$12, and C = $0. C is excluded from quantity discounts because it is free. If quantity of A + B >= 10, then A=B=$10 (A discount = $5, B discount = $2). Can I get this pricing structure to work with Quantity Discounts? I've gotten C excluded from discounts & overall category discounts to apply, but I cannot get the additional discount to apply to product A. If Quantity Discounts doesn't work, what module can I use instead? Thanks.