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  1. OK, international is working now. lousterg's fix is correct. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for BDuell's and lousterg's fixes on 11/13/2013 and 11/14/2013 respectively. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/487 lousterg's fix was uploaded. Domestic rate is working now. But international still has error. I noticed 'RateV4Response' in the international shipping section in the usps.php at line 1525: $tmp = $this->_decode_intl_response($doc['RateV4Response']['Package']['Service'], $nonuspsinsurancecost, $pkg['item_price']); Not sure if 'RateV4Response' should be 'IntlRateV2Response' in this line since it's intl shipping. However, I changed it to 'IntlRateV2Response' but it still has same error. Any feedback is appreciated. Bill