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    the first thing I see is the missing 'end-anchor' if you have a start anchor <a with the link-to information behind it <a href= link codes- etc.>text that people see you need a stop anchor </a> so you get... <a href=linkcodes>text people see</a>
  2. I needed the same thing... I had stencil template options that the customer would choose a size from each of the 7 available templates or choose NOT to get a certain template. so I had to get the options table set up backwards... if you normally pick the size of a shirt and then the color, set up all the colors as main options and each color/size as a value www.yoglin.com/shop/images/options-backward.jpg www.yoglin.com/shop/images/options-multi.jpg i know it is sort of tedious and cumbersome... but well worth the results. Hope this helps. xbusymom
  3. Oh, I just had another thought... is there a way to put an "new shipping / handling fee" option on the admin side... where you could just set the flat rate shipping as zero amount and be able to set up a separate handeling fee (on the product definition page ... maybe) as a substitute for the shipping charges? Thanks, xbusymom
  4. Hi, I just migrated to this store format. and I think it is absolutely fantastic. I also love the sspp module because I have some DL that are free and some that are for sale, as well as physical products from different vendor locations (or will be when I get my Disabled Vendor program up and rolling). The DL's should not be charged any shipping and I needed a way to set shipping charges per vendor location in relation to the location of the customer. However, after reading through all this thread, I am confused as to how to get it installed. I have downloaded the module and changed the language and verbage in the admin side of the store, but don't really know where to go from there. Do I follow the 7-step procedure to get the module installed? I have ver. Thanks, xbusymom