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  1. Does anyone know how the data are transferred from the paypal-app to the shop?
  2. Thanks for the answer. The data are available from paypal. You can see this under the Log / Userinfo (paypal-app). The problem is with me the Gender and Day of Birth is not accepted in oscommerce / customer account. All other data is created correctly. Best regards, Frank
  3. Hello oscommerce community, Has unfortunately the problem that with registrations with "Login via PayPal" the salutation / gender as well as the date of birth is not accepted? In the settings of the PayPal app, I have selected it under Login / Configuration, of course, and also in the created app on In the admin area under the PayPal app / log, all data are transferred, but gender and the date of birth are not passed on to the shop / customer account. Does anyone have the problem? Or what could that be? Greetings, Frank
  4. Still does not work. For this I have determined that even in the sandbox mode the shopping cart is not empty if the product name contains an umlaut (German language / ä, ü, ö, ...).
  5. Okay, I'll try it out. Thank you!
  6. The return is activated and my URL (... myshop / checkout_success.php) inserted.
  7. Okay, I wait. Thank you for the service. Best regards
  8. Note: In sandbox mode it works! In Live mode it does not work! After the transaction the shopping cart is not empty. With PayPal I set the return on "checkout_success.php".
  9. After the change the above error messages are gone. Thank you! However, I am returned to the "checkout_confirmation.php" after the transaction and the following shop message appears in the header: Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again With PayPal, the transaction is executed, but not displayed with admin / order. What do I have to change?
  10. Okay .... I try it out.
  11. Thanks for the answer. All live api credentials are entered correctly. Have these themselves checked and additionally by a PayPal employee (technician) to have checked.
  12. Dear oscommerce community, I have the PayPal app installed and in sandbox mode it works synonymous. However, in Livemodus it does not work. The payment is made with Paypal, however I get no order confirmation. The following errors are displayed with a live payment via Paypal: Warning: include (/homepages/1/xxxxxxx/htdocs/catalog/includes/apps/paypal/modules/PS/api/GetTransactionDetails.php): failed to open stream: No suchfile or directory in / homepages / 1 / xxxxxxx / Htdocs / catalog / includes / apps / paypal / OSCOM_PayPal.php on line 395 Warning: include (): Failed opening '/homepages/1/xxxxxxx/htdocs/catalog/includes/paypal/modules/PS/api/GetTransactionDetails.php' for inclusion (include_path = '.: / Usr / lib / php5 .6 ') in /homepages/1/xxxxxxxx/htdocs/catalog/includes/apps/paypal/OSCOM_PayPal.php on line 395 Fatal error: Call to undefined function OSCOM_PayPal_PS_Api_GetTransactionDetails () in /homepages/1/xxxxxxx/htdocs/catalog/includes/apps/paypal/OSCOM_PayPal.php on line 399 Installed: V2.3.4 PHP version: 5.6.28 Greetings, Frank
  13. Okay, so I did it now! Only another 10.00 EUR until you qualify for free shipping within Germany. You qualified for FREE shipping within Germany! Thank you!
  14. Hi! In my shop the shipping only within Germany from 99 EUR is free. When I integrate the code in shopping_cart.php the Note will appear even if foreign customers, but this should then be hidden. <?php echo ($cart->show_total() <MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING_OVER) ? sprintf(SHIPPING_CHARGE, tep_output_string_protected($currencies->format(MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING_OVER - $cart->show_total()))) : SHIPPING_FREE; ?> How can I do that? Regards, Frank
  15. I get the same error in connection with PayPal Express How can I fix this?