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  1. Benno Point 1 has been addressed before in the forum. It is on page 3 of the forum http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=41159&st=20 where I have posted the amendments needed to show product details. Thanks
  2. No I dont think so but I am trying to write one at the moment...but it will take time because it aint proving easy !! I want to make it configurable so that you can do: If certain product(s) are purchased throw in a free "thingy" or if they spend over so much they can have a "whatsitsname" for half price and variations on that sort of theme.
  3. Adrian Maybe in trying to overwrite my previous instructions i've made it confusing. If you were starting from unaltered files from the contribution, to replace the "Purchase from" with product qty, product name and product model you would: In catalog/includes/modules/payment/ccbyfax.php at approximately line 131 between: tep_draw_hidden_field('email', $order->customer['email_address']); and: return $printfaxform_button_string; insert the following code: for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($order->products); $i<$n; $i++) { $printfaxform_button_string .= tep_draw_hidden_field('productqty' . $i, $order->products[$i]['qty']) . tep_draw_hidden_field('productmodel' . $i, $order->products[$i]['model']) . tep_draw_hidden_field('productname' . $i, $order->products[$i]['name']); } $printfaxform_button_string .= tep_draw_hidden_field('numprods', $n) . tep_draw_hidden_field('comments', $order->info['comments']); Then in /catalog/ccbyfax_form.php at approximately line 81 replace: echo $HTTP_POST_VARS['desc']; with: for ($i=0, $n=$HTTP_POST_VARS['numprods']; $i<$n; $i++) { echo $HTTP_POST_VARS['productqty' . $i] . ' x ' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['productmodel' . $i] . ' - ' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['productname' . $i] . '<br>'; } I hope it works this time !!
  4. Hi T-runks Neither module will interfere with each other in the sense that they work independantly and can safely run side by side. However, if you read through the first couple of pages of this thread you will see there is a "problem" with using more than one discount module at a time in that (in summary): BOTH modules will apply a discount and will not (cannot ?) talk to each other and decide for example to only apply the highest of the 2 discounts. According to the sort order you set in your admin under order total modules, the first discount module will apply its discount on the sub-total of the order (altering it for tax and/or shipping depending upon your admin settings), the second discount module will then take the already discounted amount and apply its own discount to that. So, although you dont compound the discount, you do end up with 2 discounts being applied which you may not want. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi Adrian Referring to the earlier post (on page 3 of this thread) where I explain how to add product name and quantity etc to the form, in the first snippet of code: replace (or add as a line immediately after it if you want name and model): tep_draw_hidden_field('productname' . $i, $order->products[$i]['name']); with: tep_draw_hidden_field('productmodel' . $i, $order->products[$i]['model']); and then in the 5th snippet of code replace: echo $HTTP_POST_VARS['productqty' . $i] . ' x ' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['productname' . $i] . '<br>'; with echo $HTTP_POST_VARS['productqty' . $i] . ' x ' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['productmodel' . $i] . '<br>'; or again if you want name and model replace it with something like: echo $HTTP_POST_VARS['productqty' . $i] . ' x ' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['productmodel' . $i] . ' - ' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['productname' . $i] . '<br>'; I hope this helps and is clear enough to follow ?? Thanks Simon
  6. 64sp

    Worldpay Support

    Thanks cliff, i'll give them a call. Wayne, I have encountered the same problem as you in the past in my support of a payment module I wrote...fax or phone credit details through...see the forum below: http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...der=asc&start=0 You'll see some ideas being thrown around thay "might" help you but unhelpfully I dont think we ever actually solved the problem completely. In some ways it is "good" to see the error on another module because this indicates not so much of a module problem as something specific to a osc version or php version or site configuration problem ?? Simon
  7. Good point Steve....some customers just have to have the obvious rammed down their throats !!! Mind you I am happy to know that customers are choosing to use this payment method because it makes the module worth while !! Not sure there is any better solution than as you say, including a note to make sure they continue and complete the order. Except that... On next version I am going to investigate further the option of having the produce form button on the checkout success page rather than the checkout confirmation page because then the database has already been updated so no problem if they click away after form production and also can include the order number on the form from the database which is another common request made in this forum. Thanks Simon
  8. There are just the 2 files to be uploaded (txt file also included in package). 1 should go in yoursite/includes/modules/order_total/ 1 should go in yoursite/includes/languages/english/modules/order_total/ and as long as you have your osc admin configured to look at the correct folder for the order total modules (if you didnt you wouldn't see any order total modules at all in admin) then it should show as "Customer Loyalty Discount". Sorry but I can only suggest re-checking your file locations again and make sure that they have been uploaded properly. In the meantime I will check that my txt file explains correctly.
  9. 64sp

    Worldpay Support

    Thanks Cliff, some good ideas.... I have had the .htaccess problem in the past, so I had already checked that this time !! The url of the site has changed, but i did update it in worldpay admin...but maybe there is a delay before this takes effect...because I tested straight after changing it. I will try again today and see what happens. Thanks Simon
  10. 64sp

    Worldpay Support

    I have had the worldpay mod installed for some time on a shop I have been developing. When I installed it some time ago it all worked fine, callbacks functioned correctly etc. However I am now ready to go live and when i tested a worldpay payment, either making a payment or cancelling a payment I get directed to the directory listing of http://select.worldpay.com/wcc/ not to wpcallcack.php I have checked all the settings at worldpay and in the admin section and cant see the problem. Anyone else any ideas or experienced the same. Maybe a temporary problem at worldpay ?? Simon PS - When i say I have just loaded up products and made cosmetic tweeks. I have not installed any other mods that might have upset worldpay mod.
  11. Have you made sure that the threshold for the first level of discount is low enough for your cumulative order value to invoke a discount ? For example, the default setup when you install the module is for a discount of 5% on the order when the customer has spent ?1,000 or more in the past year. Have you made sure that your test customer account has exceeded this amount in the last year or that you reduce the period and discount level appropriately so that the test customer reaches the discount point. Otherwise no discount will show on an order.
  12. This was sent to me via email. My answer follows.
  13. Adrian If you look a few pages back on this thread you will see the code additions needed to add the customers product information to the form. Also you will find an explanation of why the invoicec/order number cannot be added to the form...because the form is produced before the order is added to the database and an invoice number allocated. Thanks Simon
  14. Helmut If you look in includes/modules/order_total/ot_loyalty_discount.php around line 85 as part of the get_order_total function you will see the code. But I think you are talking about the customer specific discount module which I didnt write rather than this (my) customer loyalty discount module. If you compare the code particularly in the get_order_total function in your ot_customer_discount.php with the code in my ot_loyalty_discount.php you should be able see how it is done. I hope this helps. PS - Just for clarity the pieces of code in question which filter out the ^GIFT products before applying the discount were written by Ian Wilson not me ! PPS - Gift vouchers should have a product model staring ^GIFT rather than GIFT as I wrongly said before !!
  15. Hi Maz This module is not really suitable to be adapted for what you are looking for in a rewards points system. Although of course the logic I have used for tracking total prior sales value could be re-used in such a new module. I am afraid I dont have time myself to write a rewards module at the moment but it would be worth posting a new topic and see if anyone else can help. Sorry if I am stating the obvious but have you thoroughly searched all the contributions sections because I have a recollection of seeing a point system somewhere. Good luck Simon