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  1. I noticed that the specials manager does that, but it's not changing the attributes prices so that the custemers can see the new prices. When I place the order the price is with the discount included though.
  2. Hi John, Can I share a thought I got? If there are a lot of attributes in a product, is it possible the "Discount - Edit option prices" menu to be time managed? For example: All the attributes are with discount -30% from 1 October until 30 October and after that period the prices are restored as they were before the discount. I haven't made a donation yet. I want to, believe me. The money I'll make from my first sale are for the AAS. You deserve it !!!
  3. Hello John, I started using the addon and it's great. But I have an issue. 1) When there is a product with lots of attributes, the price from the original OSCommerce back panel is not changing when I choose one of the attributes sizes/prices from the dropdown menu. So when a customer is buying that particular size it's not recognized in the checkout process. Is there a way I can fix that? 2) Is it possible to have a specials for just a couple attributes of a product, not all the attributes? It's good to have that option when there are leftovers. Thank You!
  4. Hi John, When in a category there are no products, how can I add one?
  5. Hi John, When installing the new version do I have to remove the old one?
  6. My god John, I didn't think you'll manage to do it so fast :) Can I share a little issue i have? When I set the different product sizes and colours in the old osCommerce panel "Option Values" as you can see on the picture below, they are sorted by size. I do that so I can have them as existing options when I start editing with the new one. I open the new one. When selecting size to be the "Option name", in "Option value" it's not showing just sizes, but everything i previously entered as attributes (sizes and colours). Also it'll be wonderful If the attributes are sorted by price. If the prices of two different attributes are the same (see sizes 70/200 and 72/190) maybe sorting second time by size, so it's easier for the customer to find the one he's looking for. My english is not that good but I hope you can understand what I mean :) Greetings!!! I'm sure this would be the most valuable add-on for osComerce.
  7. Exactly! It's about Mattreses and mattres frames. One model mattres with lots of sizes.
  8. Hi John, I have to say this is a lifesaver add-on for me and i'm definitely making a donation. I'm wondering, when in a product with lots of attributes like different sizes and prices for example, is it possible the discount to function for all the prices for this product? Thank you for your great work !!!