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  1. [Development] Products Specifications

    Thanks! Will try it today. -t
  2. [Development] Products Specifications

    Hi Jim-- is there any way to get the filters module to display in the main area, below the "Welcome to ..." but above the "New Products for ...?" thanks -t
  3. [Development] Products Specifications

    i checked out your links. I had looked at your templates but was checking out the free ones first. Yours are great--will they work with PS and the filters i have set up? I will email you. thanks -t
  4. [Development] Products Specifications

    thanks, i have been checking out all of the ones on the OSCommerce site. Thought someone might have some experience with one that works with PS seamlessly. i have tried a few of the free ones and, as i mentioned, they don't do one thing or another quite right--like the tabs on the Products page. will keep looking, and ideas would be greatly appreciated. -t
  5. [Development] Products Specifications

    Hi-- Does anyone have suggestion for a template that works with PS? I've tried a few but they change parts of PS that I like. On one, it dropped the tabs in Products info page, which i really like, thanks! -t
  6. [Development] Products Specifications

    thanks so much, i will check it out. -t
  7. [Development] Products Specifications

    thank you! So obvious and yet i didn't see it. thank you! Is there any way to use a bulk add add on, like Easy Populate? Guess that won't work with specifications or filters. so perhaps it will add the products but not the specs or filters. I am looking at the Install manual now. I am also looking at templates but so far, they have not worked with PS (although still looking at one of them to see if i can use it and get the tabs to still work). Am going to try your Modular Front Page and Theme Switcher, probably Document Manager--thank you so much for your contributions. -t
  8. [Development] Products Specifications

    Hi Jim-- Been working on this all week; what i have discovered (i'm a little slow!) is that the filter box only shows up when a Category is selected (i only have 1--Wheels). that is, it does not show up on the main Catalog page. i have looked thru the files and cannot find an answer to this...can you point me in the right direction? this is possibly how the add on works but was wondering--i really need the filter to show up on the main catalog page, and all pages. thanks! -t
  9. [Development] Products Specifications

    okay, thanks. i will keep checking. Here is the error on the Admin side--it happens when editing specification: Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in /home/chicago/public_html/catalog/admin/products_specifications.php on line 1442 thanks again for your help. -t
  10. [Development] Products Specifications

    Thanks Jim. i will do that--keep a separate Spec grp for Automobiles. i think i set it up wrong before so i will start from scratch. i am attaching screenshot of filter box on the site--not sure i explained it well before. i was just hoping on the filters cascading. you have done a fantastic job on this add on. I just got this error on the website, and i have also received it when adding filters on the admin site, altho that was line 1412: Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /home/chicago/public_html/catalog/products_filter.php on line 177 any ideas? thanks! -t
  11. [Development] Products Specifications

    Hi Jim-- i have that linked. The filter box is now showing up(!) but with all sorts of extra fields displayed. i added a product and the filter showed up in the left column. But it has 3 puldowns as configured and more: Make Model Year Make Model [pulldown box Make: acura] [pulldown box Model: 3.2TL] [pulldown box Year: 1999-2000] Are the items in bold supposed to be there? i don't think so but not sure; i enabled filters in the Specifications of those 3 but added the filters in the Filters Section. Do you think having the one Spec Group Wheels is the way to go for this purpose? i still have Automobiles as a separate group--i will delete if you agree. i don't think those bold items are from that Group as i deleted the filters i had set up in there. but i don't know why those are there... Is there a way to have the filters select the appropriate next filter based on the selection--for example, if Acura is chosen, then only show Acura models in the next filter pulldown? Probably beyond the scope but thought i would ask...:-} thanks for your help! -t
  12. [Development] Products Specifications

    Jim...Thanks for your reply! I have Specifications for all items i need to enter for a Product. I then have Specification Values for each Specification. Then for Specifications Make, Model and Year, i have a Filters Section and a Specification Values section. i have added Specification Values to each, plus Filters for each. Attached a screenshot...is this what you mean by "...Then you add multiple filter values to each one...?" I added filters such as "Acura" and "Audi" for Make, same for Model, and then date ranges from your post about reverse ranges, for Year. I added a bunch for the Year and a few for the others. i have not added a Product yet though...another screenshot. i have Show Filters Module set to True in Configuration and Enable Filter Box Module set to True as well. i noticed just now that one has Left column and one center but i think that is that it shows up in the Left column on the main page and then displays in center? anyway, i will keep working on it and try to confirm that i have everything you mentioned set up. thanks for your help, i really appreciate.
  13. [Development] Products Specifications

    Hi Jim thanks so much for this add on. i know it will work for me once i figure it out what i am missing regarding filters! i am posting after reading the user manual over and over, and reading this forum from page 1 to the end! i just can't figure out how to make the filters work for me. I'm missing something obvious i think. i installed PS to a fresh install of OSC 2.3.3 and all is well except getting the filters to work as i need them to. I only have 1 Specification Group--Wheels. Within there i have 13 specifications. I want to have the filter show make, model and year, and bring up the correct wheel(s). I originally had 2 Spec groups--Wheels and Autos--but couldn't get that to work. This is like many auto parts stores that i have seen, for example, http://midwestwheelandtire.com/ . where do i put the filters? i tried under Make, Model and Year but it came out wrong. You mentioned on a page of this forum (post #63) about ranges, so i added range filters to Year Specification. Not showing up ( i also added filters such as "Acura" under Make and "3.2TL" under Model). Should i have added the Specifications as Attributes and Options in the stock OSC before working with PS? I do have a Category, Wheels, in there that i linked the Spec Grp Wheels to so the specifications are showing up. Please excuse this long question--i have been working with OSC since it first came out and so am very familiar, but no expert, with PHP, MYSQL, etc. i built some really cool sites with it in the past. but i am flummoxed! and have spent way too much time trying to figure it out on my own. what am i missing! thanks!