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  1. I've downloaded from http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7644 the 2.3.3 version. I'm going to hack together the updates since the last full version for myself, so I figure I will upload my full package for anyone else who needs it. Are there any known issues with this version I should know about before I undertake this? Looking at the 2.2 version (where it looks like most of the dev is happening) there might be a PayPal issue?



  2. I don't see how that is possible. Google gets the title from the same place you do, except when they decide to write their own, which doesn't sound to be the case here. So I don't have any suggestions for this one.


    It seems like Google might be making their own titles, because even if I don't have a title set in Header Tags, and the default title is showing on my website, Google is showing the article title in their search results. Weird.


    I've replaced article_info.php but that hasn't changed anything. I'll keep poking around, I'm sure the problem will show itself eventually.



    Again, Jack, thanks so much for all you do for this community, we all greatly appreciate it.

  3. Hi Jack. I think I have fixed the problem.


    I manually opened sitemonitor_configure_0.txt through FTP and changed:

    $start_dir = '/home/username/public_html'; //your shops root



    $start_dir = '/home/MY_REAL_USERNAME/public_html'; //your shops root


    And now everything seems to be working correctly.



  4. Hi Jack,

    This is what is happening:

    I go to the configure page, set my options and press "update". When I do that I get the red error bar across the top but it is empty, there is no error there.

    Then I go to admin and press the first button. This is when I get the error I posted in the message above.

    When I go back to configure, all the options are back to default, anything I changed has gone.


    If it is "a server issue", do you know what I might need to do to fix it?





    If you get that when you first start, it's normal. If you click it after clicking on the first update button, it's a server issue. If you get it by clicking on the second update button without first clicking on the first (for first time use), then you are using it wrong.

  5. Hi Jack,

    just having a little trouble getting this to work. I've read this thread and seen that others have had this same issue, but I can't see how anyone has fixed it. As far as I can tell I've installed correcetly but I'm getting this error:

    Warning: opendir(/home/username/public_html) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /home/**myusername**/public_html/**mydirectory**/catalog/**myadmin**/includes/functions/sitemonitor_functions.php on line 364
    Reference file creation failed!


    Thanks a lot

  6. Ok, this is very strange. In Google search results, the correct titles show, but on my website only the default titles show. The entire reason I have articles is for SEO, so I guess it is working for me, but it is very strange none the less...


    @@ABG_Building It could be either. But if all of the non-Article Manager pages are working correctly, then it is either something with the pseudo code in Header Tags or the problem is Article Manager. But the problem is almost certainly with your installation since this is a common setup and they work well together.

  7. This is the support thread for .htaccess Optimisation.




    Upload the .htaccess file, or if you already have one, copy the text and add it to your .htaccess file.


    What does it do?


    This add-on will optimise your site, massively speeding it up, reducing your bandwidth usage and possibly increase your search engine ranking.




    In two ways, first, by compressing files that can be sent compressed, sometimes reducing file transfer size by upto 80%. Second, by controlling the cache, thus again reducing server load.


    Link: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8927