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  1. Hi I am the owner of running osCommerce 234 bootstrap. Recently moved from my old server with PHP 5.2.4 to a new with PHP 5.5.9 Everything works fine but i have one problem that is driving me crazy. That is the Domainkey not working when sending mails from my shop. Domainkeys is set in DNS and works fine when sending mails from my normal mail system, also it worked fine with the shop before switching server. I think the problem is with the PHP 5.5.9 mail() function or PHP configuration in my server. Anyone experienced this ? or having any idea how to fix ? Best regards Brian
  2. Thumbs up for your prompt answer, thats very impressive. One of the easiest installs i ever made, and at first sight the category tree works fine with the bootstrapped version, but on smaller devices the tree still expands to the right (and disappears from the vissible screen) thats not good. For responsiveness it should be made so that expanded tree always is within the witdh of the screen without having to move to the right, so it should somehow expand downwards. For now, unfortunately i will have to uninstall the fine Superfish add on, but i hope it eventually will be made fully responsive for the bootstrap oscommerce version, and then i will be happy to use it. Thanks for your effort in making great add ons Best regards Brian
  3. OK, thanks. I can share a link to my site when i get this implemented, if it works satisfying :-) Any idea if the search engines will recognize the category tree content as good with this add on as with the original oscommerce ?
  4. Does someone have a bootstrap shop (link?) with this implemented where i can take a look at it ?
  5. Hi I would like to use this add on for my bootstrap oscommerce shop, but i wonder if there is any way of getting it without having to buy winzip to extract the .gz and .tar compressed files ? Is there any change the add on could be downloaded from somewhere as a "normal" windows xp extractable .zip file ? Best regards Brian