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    FedEx - Web Services v9

    Disregard my prior post. Basically, FEDEX screwed up. Since I had test credentials and production credentials from when the API was valid, their system kept munging the information that it was giving me when I requested production info for Web Services. Ultimately, it took about 30 minutes on the phone with FEDEX techies to figure out what the hell was going on. AND SO, I'm gonna say it--I'm using OsCommerce, with v9.4.3.1 and "Yea, I've tested it, it works like a champ!"
  2. WoodyOne4U

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    FedEx Please enter a ZIP Code to obtain your shipping quote. Or possibly: If no rate is shown, the heavy weight of the item(s) in your Shopping Cart suggests a Request for Freight Quote, rather than FedEx Ground service, is recommended. I'm getting this error. This is a brand new install of and this is the only mod I have attempted. My webhost is forcing me to PHP 5.4 on Oct 1, so my 10 yr old installation of 2.2 is a goner. ANYWAY, I've tried all the suggestions. I can't even get the radio button that allows me to select this option on my frontend on checkout. Any suggestions? I've downloaded v9.4.3 (Full install) and the update at v9.4.3.1. I have NOT worried about the ship separately, since I won't be using that. I've got a test environment setup, complete with store address, customer address, and the test shipping components from FEDEX. I had the old FEDEX quote system working on my OLD and about to obsolete shopping cart prior to them deprecating the API in 2012. I've been faking it ever since, and was hoping I wouldn't have to do that now that I'm building a new shopping cart. Where can I look for errors. I've installed the add-on twice, reverified my FEDEX logins, passwords, etc several times, and can't even get to a point where I'm able to send a request. Any ideas? Does anyone really have this working on 2.3.x? I haven't seen any posts that indicate that it does work. I've seen a lot of "it SHOULD work", but that is a far cry from "yea, I've tested it, it works like a champ". Please help