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  1. This may not be the correct forum, but here goes. I am implementing the customer discount mod and wanting to alter it just a tad. I went into login.php and modified the mysql search that retrieves customer information to include the customer_discount field for the logged in customer as such $check_customer_query = tep_db_query("select customers_id, customers_firstname, customers_password, customers_email_address, customers_default_address_id, customer_discount from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . " where customers_email_address = '" . tep_db_input($email_address) . "'"); a few lines down I added $customer_discount = $check_country['customer_discount']; tep_session_register('customer_discount'); which I would expect would get the discount and save it as a session variable. When I echo any of the other variables saved this way on other pages they show up. When I echo this one it is blank. Any ideas?
  2. I have been able to successfully integrate the order total customer specific discount module into a test installation of OSCommerce V2.2. As advertised it applies the discount to the order total at checkout time which is what we require due to the price volatility of the products that the final store will be running. I am a bit new to PH but can probably find my way through it. What I want to do is to take the discount percentage for the current logged in user and whenever a price is listed for a product change it to Web Price (full price) Your Price(webprice x 1-discount) As long as the customers understand that the discount is not applied until they check out then it should be ok. I am sure that there are other places where the price will need to be modified, but this is a start. Thanks a million for all assistance