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  1. OK So tell me where in that video does it tell me Diddly Squat about what I have installed? You have clearly found a problem yet you won't actually tell me what that is. I am NOT a PHP programmer .... I do the best I can with a system that is overly complicated. A database should contain all the fields relevant to a given product so why OSC should split products into 10 separate tables is beyond me. You guys clearly understand PHP better than I do ..... I could write local systems in other languages incorporating all the necessary fields / attributes in a single table .. so what's the problem?
  2. Hi Joli I have clean install of on a testbed but considering G Burton's post I haven't a clue where to go next!!! I understand that most people may not have experience of this template BUT if G Burton obviously does because he/she knows about these linkback issues then maybe he/she might consider devolving this information rather than sitting back there as some smug idiot which, I hasten to add, is the norm for most OSC members!!!! OK I get it ... yes we are all utilising FREE systems because you guys out there are FAR better at this stuff than we are ( for one I wish to utilise a free system because I charge nothing for my downloads!) but, let's be honest, there are a lot of you out there that really think you are the dog's doodahs and actually don't give a s**t about us newcomers to PHP AND OSC!
  3. Hmmm well so far, as expected, I have received no reply from the community on this one. OK so maybe I'm stupid for installing an addon on that is on the OSC addon pages. Watching the video that G Burton so rapidly pushed in my direction I am absolutely none the wiser! He/She can obviously see a flaw with this addon but, typical of the OSC community, nobody actually wants to help anyone - just post derisive comments to those of us who are still learning this (rather crap) system! I have to say that I have never seen such a mess of a database construction in all my life. 30 years ago I was writing databases in other languages that actually made sense. OSC is beginning to look like a waste of time
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    [Addon} Superfish Categories Box

    OK - Thanks Tsimi - I'm beginning to get it through trial and error! My understanding of CSS and all these different browsers is clearly not as good as yours :) I have worked out where to change for IE8 and other browsers. Thank you all here on the Superfish add-on topic - finally a group that actually talks to us newbies sensibly :)
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    [Addon} Superfish Categories Box

    Hi and thanks for picking up my random query in General Addons :) I have changed the width of the SUperfish menu successfully. I now have the problem of changing the arrow color. Currently I am using the AMY grey template bought from one of the OSC partners and the Supertfish menu bars are very light with white arrows which you cannot really see. I have to say that I really struggle with the way templates / colors work in OSC!!!!!! Any pointers please would be a great help. Thanks Alan
  6. Hi I have been using the Superfish Categories box for a while now because I just really don't like the standard menu that comes with OSC. I have recently purchased a template from one of OSC's partners and switched on the Superfish menu. As standard I believe SF expands the width of the menu based on the longest category definition; however at present the width is significantly less than the width of the left-and boxes in this new template. I have tried to work out exactly where I can force SF to match the template's box width but with so many CSS files present in OSC I am really stumped! Can anyone point me to the correct CSS file that requires changing to make this change happen? Thanks in advance
  7. Well I clearly thought that as it's in the contributions and I'm still relatively new to this OSCommerce stuff that I would get the support of the (free) vendor ... nothing to date! I have to say that a lot of people who post here tend to get short shrift when they don't understand a particular problem. We are not all PHP programmers and whilst having a basic logical understanding of how code works get stuck behind some very odd things we've never encountered before. All my previous sites were encoded in Perl but I DO like this software. I have had some very good help from contributors and members but sometimes you guys out there who know far more than I do tend to look down at those of us who are still learning. I, like many of us, just need the occasional helping hand to understand the intricacies of PHP (with the added complication of jquery) and, it has to be said, that often these forums are very unfriendly and try to belittle the newbies. I think also that if you are going to allow contributions in your addons database that you obviously don't agree with because of these backlinks then maybe you should be removing them from the site or at least warning us of the implications.
  8. Assume the contribution should read FREE ... but has anyone installed this? I like the layout but it drops the breadcrumbs at the top of the page which, whilst I don't like, I want to amend in the product info display. a bit of background: Manufacturers in my site have become Authors and Categories have become Genres. In the original (v2.3.3.4) site the breadcrumbs would be something like Top >> Catalog >> Thriller >> Author Name. I have changed the site template so it reads BOOK NAME IMAGE DESCRIPTION What I really want to do is display: BOOK NAME by AUTHOR NAME Genre: GENRE NAME IMAGE DESCRIPTION Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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    I Just don't get it!

    Hi I have had an OSC site running for some time now and made loads of mods. Looking through the various addons I decided to install a fresh copy of and redesign the site with the most useful addons and then relink the database to this site. One of the most frustrating things is that all Manufacturer and Product images get stored by default in the images directory so when I'm backing up over 5,000 products it's a nightmare to separate these into relevant offline folders. Now I know there are various addons out there that should enable a choice of directory to store various groups of images but so far everyone has crashed my site - presumably not compatible. What makes it even more frustrating is that a clean install of v2.3.3.4 sets up a sample database with images stored under manufacturer / product image folders yet if you try to amend these images they all revert back to the main images folder. Is there any easy way ................... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi Has anyone installed this add-on? I have followed the instructions as far as I can see and whilst it is working (preventing customers from adding products to their basket or checking out) I am getting a white screen instead of the ACCOUNT ON HOLD message. Viewing the source shows no code so either I have done something wrong or the installation instructions are not quite right. Would appreciate any help please Thanks
  11. Hi That's great ... except I've lost the plot somewehere lol .... Which file are we editing and what is the piece of code that needs to go at the bottom? Regards Alan
  12. Hi tuneti Did you ever get this to work - I have exactly the same problem! Thanks Alan
  13. Hi. I'm still pretty new to OSC but beginning to get to grips with it. I have had a look through the forums and the addons but cannot seem to find a couple of tools that would be useful. I would like to be able to get a downloadable list of all customers and all products on the site. Have I missed something? Does anyone know of any addons that would be able to provide this information? I am using v2.3. Thanks.
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    [Addon} Superfish Categories Box

    Thanks Jim .... what is now confusing me also is that an .htaccess/.htpassword on the directory has exactly the same effect ... superfish really does not like being protected!
  15. Digibooks

    [Addon} Superfish Categories Box

    Thanks Jim .. I see your point so I moved the include to the first line of template_top.php but exactly the same thing is happening in Firefox and Chrome! I did even clear all the cookies and caches first. The weird thing is tha the links from the old site which did not use superfish but the standard oscommerce links did not do this. Going crazy here lol!!!!