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  1. I am going to put this out there and hopefully someone can help me fix this. I have osCommrce 2.3.3 that I had previously installed add on sort_product_options_v1.1.0. I liked how this moved my options to the product page for adding. I then tried adding QTPro v4.6.1. I wanted to track stock for some of the more difficult products we manufacture. I had the product.info.php error but my host seems to have fixed it for me and now I can see my product pages again. However, my options are now gone. I am not finding them on the product add page or in the admin section. I had 19 products with different quantities for options. Now these products lost the options. Any help is appreciated. Jennifer
  2. I am having problems with the SQL portion of this add on and hope someone can help me since my web host cannot. I cannot get the SQL file to import and I do not know what I am doing wrong. I tried to do the SQL 1st, before the files, my web host was not able to import the file, the file is "incomplete". I don't see that as being the case if you are all using it. When I first tried to import using import, it gave me an error. No table. Then I located a quary window that would take the copy and paste, it came back with lots of additional comments that tables did not exist. My host said to use FTP and upload the file and they would install. So I installed FileZilla on my computer, uploaded the SQL file to that. Still error messages. I then uploaded the PHP files to FileManager on my host. My host has attempted to import the SQL again and still has an error. They keep telling me I need a new SQL file. Can someone who has successfully imported the SQL please help me? I think I can finish once I get past this hurdle. Thank you, Jennifer