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  1. Sooooooo, how far along is the add-on that automatically keeps track of the 10's of 1000's of different sales tax rates all across the USA and automatically applies the correct tax amount to the order... and maintains a report that totals up all the taxes collected for all the different tax zones? LMAO
  2. @Dan and @Brockley John .. when you ask if i installed the app... i just used what was in the modules/payment then install modules... gave me options, installed authorize.net and paypal express. Now i wanted to install paypal standard so the items purchased shows on paypal (express does not carry this info to paypal).... was not aware of additional app.. DOH. Will d/l and report back. Thanks.. PEte
  3. Hello. So I tried using paypal standard again since paypal expresss does not list the items customers purchase on the PayPal site (or merhcant emails). Everything works fine, customers are directedct to paypal pop up and the transaction records both on the buyers and our PayPal account including the individual items they bought... here's the rub.. when they are directed to "click here to return to site" after reviewing the completed order just placed, when it goes back to my site, the items are still in the shopping cart, no record of the sale under "my orders" and on the admin side, it shows the customer order but did not append.... additionally, it does not show up in My orders until I change/append status to at least In Production. So Until I figure out those items... i am stuck with using paypal express w/o item purchased descriptions. I am using the PayPal modules that came with OS Comm v. 2.3.4 with BS Express is v 3.0 Standard is v3.1 thanks in advance
  4. So I am successfully using this on one osC site but today, when I go to install and use Authorize.net SIM on my other site I get the following error: The following errors have occurred.(270) Line item 1 is invalid I copied the api, hash, etc. from one site to the other (no spaces) and the information i entered in the module is correct. What might I be missing?
  5. Message Box

    is it possible to see a working sample of this addon?
  6. I have noticed one thing however.. when I set up the discount code BS on my live site, it calculates everything perfectly... however I did noticed a difference when getting over to PayPal (express). Before adding the module, PayPal had a drop down that showed price, tax & total. After adding module, it only shows total price (although correct, it no longer shows the drop down with the order breakdown on it...)... any ideas. Having the customer being able to review all charges on the PayPal end is a good thing... as it helps to instill confidence especially with a new site and new customers.... two images showing with coupon and no PayPal drop down and the second with no coupon code and with PayPal drop down
  7. So I installed Ship In Cart (aka Shipping Estimator) v2.4.6 and now both the discount and the shipping shows on the shopping cart... PERFECT! :)
  8. LMAO..... age is showing..... I put the 10% discount in as the name... left the actual % blank.... (w00t) Now it does factor in the discount during checkout (total is correct) however, it does not show the discount on the 'cart' page or even the amount of the discount anywhere including right up to paying with paypal.. any ideas wheat I've gotten wrong?
  9. Hi all... just added Discount BS and got it set up and created a discount code.. but when does it show the discount to the customer... took the order all the way to PayPal and nowhere does it show discount... still regular pricing right up to the point of "pay now".. thanks
  10. everything seemed to be working fine... completed all the steps outlined at the paypal site then when given the opportunity to 'return to oscommence', rather than seeing the admin/paypal app scree, all I have in my browser is the following error rpcStatus=-100. Any thoughts.... steps taken. from paypal ap in osc clicked on live entered email (existing acct) entered password clicked 'yes I authorize it" rec'd "you've successfully authorized osC clicked "go back to osC" get error in web browser rpcStatus=-100.