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  1. It’s been nearly a month and again, the same error occurs....in that PayPay charges and credits the customer and my paypal account respectfully, correctly OSCommerce only shows, in orders, the customer’s name and that “NO HISTORY” about the order is displayed ... the itemization of teh order is there, thankfully, and since paypal successfully paid me for the customer’s purchase, i can manually change status to pending (which is what it should have automatically been on its own)... but does not show the paypal standard as the first line of history (as it normally would). Has anyone else continued to see this error, and /or found a reliable solution.. need things like this to work without fail... 😞
  2. Today it worked perfectly ... no a darn thing has changed.... recorded sale, recorded on paypal and recorded transaction in history... order properly shows pending after accepting PayPal standard payment... doh! I think the program has gremlins..
  3. Exactly... I believe it is a PayPal issue (although they feel otherwise) because I also use authorize.net and never have an issue there... all recorded sales show as expected .. only now with paypal do there seem to be issues of sales not being recorded.. the one thing here is the orders to show but do not show as being paid for in the history but do show method as being paypal... very odd indeed.
  4. Yes.. payment received in PP... also shows order number in paypal... like i said, most of the time it works... once in awhile it does not record history.. i have never edited an order that I am aware of.... when it works, it works great.. but sometimes it just does not record the history...
  5. Using os Commerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 BS with latest PayPal module.. All worked remarkedly well until last week. Two customers who checked out with PayPal standard (only running standard) had orders that they paid for though PayPal but on the orders page (admin) showed all their info and items but failed to show payment processed.. i.e. no history for the order. Still had an order number... everything worked fine except order history was blank.. when looking at “orders”, the status shows Preparing [Paypal standard] and when we click on the order, everything is there (i.e. what the customer ordered) but no history, no record of order being paid via paypal... two days earlier, another customer via paypal worked fine, Showing the paypal transaction in history and status was “pending” is it should be. I have changed NOTHING since installing this app prior to spring.... it worked great and does still when it works... but lately i have had a few orders not record the paypal transaction even though I received payment... and one order went through without even creating an order number and if not for paypal i would have never known the order was placed or paid for. I have not changed a single thing since this newer paypal module was installed.. i am only running paypal standard (which does a great job in listing items bought on the paypal side) but like i said, lately it is not sending the info back to osC and that, although seems to create the order, does not record the payment success in history. Images below: first is the orders page showing the status of the order, the second shows what does get recorded.. but no history... Any thoughts?
  6. @Dan and @Brockley John .. when you ask if i installed the app... i just used what was in the modules/payment then install modules... gave me options, installed authorize.net and paypal express. Now i wanted to install paypal standard so the items purchased shows on paypal (express does not carry this info to paypal).... was not aware of additional app.. DOH. Will d/l and report back. Thanks.. PEte
  7. Hello. So I tried using paypal standard again since paypal expresss does not list the items customers purchase on the PayPal site (or merhcant emails). Everything works fine, customers are directedct to paypal pop up and the transaction records both on the buyers and our PayPal account including the individual items they bought... here's the rub.. when they are directed to "click here to return to site" after reviewing the completed order just placed, when it goes back to my site, the items are still in the shopping cart, no record of the sale under "my orders" and on the admin side, it shows the customer order but did not append.... additionally, it does not show up in My orders until I change/append status to at least In Production. So Until I figure out those items... i am stuck with using paypal express w/o item purchased descriptions. I am using the PayPal modules that came with OS Comm v. 2.3.4 with BS Express is v 3.0 Standard is v3.1 thanks in advance
  8. So I am successfully using this on one osC site but today, when I go to install and use Authorize.net SIM on my other site I get the following error: The following errors have occurred.(270) Line item 1 is invalid I copied the api, hash, etc. from one site to the other (no spaces) and the information i entered in the module is correct. What might I be missing?
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    is it possible to see a working sample of this addon?
  10. everything seemed to be working fine... completed all the steps outlined at the paypal site then when given the opportunity to 'return to oscommence', rather than seeing the admin/paypal app scree, all I have in my browser is the following error rpcStatus=-100. Any thoughts.... steps taken. from paypal ap in osc clicked on live entered email (existing acct) entered password clicked 'yes I authorize it" rec'd "you've successfully authorized osC clicked "go back to osC" get error in web browser rpcStatus=-100.