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  1. renzo.verschoor

    Customer Add Product

    Hi Angela, Maxim stopped suporting this and was last active on this form on Sept 2009. The communitie took over. I will have a look at TinyMCE later as I also want to add it to the CAP. Cheers, Renzo
  2. renzo.verschoor

    Customer Add Product

    Depending on the needs!! I updated the php code on the fly, moreless debugging step by step, which i'm still doing as the layout is not 100% inline with the version (almost done), but the addon itself is functional as it suppose to be. Next to that I did not register all my changes...so need to dig into the code to see what i changed.....
  3. renzo.verschoor

    Customer Add Product

    Just forget my request....took me some time to convert some php code, but got 1.4.3 working on osc
  4. renzo.verschoor

    Customer Add Product

    Hi Henry, I'm looking for an updated version for 2.3.x (as I'm fully up tot date with and probably not moving to 2.4)......if not available I will try to create it myself...
  5. renzo.verschoor

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hi Mario, I got the same issue, could you advise which add-on was disturbing it?? Thanks in advance.