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  1. I maked it! :) i sended all resided oryginal images to FTP and kilka "Process all shown"for generate new thimbs.
  2. Ok guys, if i upload new (same) image its will work well, but i have more then 11000 images to change, its to much for hand job. Any solution?
  3. Hello, Its my 1st post and sorry for my english. Iam new admin old shop with Additional Images. I have problem with generate thumbs. Look at products here: http://www.krasnal.sklep.pl/index.php?cPath=31_222 images have diffrents color. Just look at images and go in to product to check oryginal images. How to fix it? iam use osCommerce Professional 1.03.02 [@@osc 2.2-MS2] and i dont know how to check version of additional images, but i think its so old. Please, help me.