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  1. realvinner

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Have just installed PDF Customer Invoice 1.6 for 2.3.4 EDGE, but the link to the invoice just generates a blank page with no error messages? Have installed quite a few add-ons on the past, so certainly not some newbie error :-) The link opens a new blank web page with URL ending /pdfinvoice.php?order_id=26824 Could this be an FPDF issue? Any ideas please
  2. Figured it out! For anyone else trying to work it out, please make all the necessary customisations in the user.css file in the catalog folder.
  3. Been working with osCommerce for years, but am new to bootstrap. Wanted to change heading (h1) size on the product page, but the CSS for that is under the ext/bootstrap/css directory. What is the best way to modify these elements please?
  4. I've noticed a slight issue in the Contact Us page - the red star which should appear next to the "Required information" text actually appears in line with the Contact Us heading text, as per the attached screenshot. Any ideas?
  5. realvinner

    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    Have managed to get SagePay Server working thanks to all the information in this forum. However, having switched from SagePay Form, I'm missing the additional information provided in Sagepay Form's emails regarding the AVS & CV2 match status. For now, the only option seems to be to log into My SagePay each time to check the Address Match, 3D Secure, CV2 Status etc. relating to the payments. However, since the said information is relayed back in the Notification POST, I can create additional database fields and save it there. If someone can give a rough pointer about where in the code the Sage Pay Reference ID is added to the order status, I can add the additional bits and upload a more functional version of the module. Thanks!