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  1. Same here, an error is generated when opening a product in admin by this code in requester.js: /* Execute the action which has been associated with the completion of this object */ Requester.prototype.executeAction = function() { // If XMLHR object has finished retrieving the data if (this.commInterface.readyState == 4) { // If the data was retrieved successfully try { if (this.commInterface.status == 200) { this.responseText = this.commInterface.requestXML; this.action(); } // IE returns status = 0 on some occasions, so ignore else if (this.commInterface.status != 0){ alert("There was an error while retrieving the URL: " + this.commInterface.statusText); } } catch (error){} } return true; } Fiddled around with XMLHttpRequest, Access-Control-Allow-Origin header '*' and more, but can't get it right. We're using SSL, exempted the Attribute Manager map from redirect, but that doesn't work either.
  2. iTea

    [Addon] Shopping List

    5.5.21 (Zend: 2.5.0) with MySQL 5.6.23 I don't know the reason for the $products_id thing. The small change at that place in the class solved my problem at least. It doesn't seem to affect anything else, I can add products to the list, delete lists, put them in the cart and so on.
  3. iTea

    [Addon] Shopping List

    And another (probably) small thing, products with special characters like ' don't like to be listed (in our test shop): 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's Cut', '1' )' at line 11 insert into shopping_list_products ( shopping_list_id, products_id, products_name, products_quantity ) values ( '4', '5', 'Blade Runner - Director's Cut', '1' )
  4. iTea

    [Addon] Shopping List

    The $products_id in the class is killing me (for some reason): $shopping_list_array[$products_id]['attributes'][] = array ( 'products_options_id' => $attributes['products_options_id'], 'products_options_value_id' => $attributes['products_options_value_id'], 'products_options_name' => $attributes_values['products_options_name'], 'products_options_values_name' => $attributes_values['products_options_values_name'], 'products_options_values_price' => $attributes_values['options_values_price'], 'products_options_price_prefix' => $attributes_values['price_prefix'] When I substitute it for $shopping_list_products_id like in $shopping_list_array[$shopping_list_products_id] = array ( 'products_id' => $shopping_list['products_id'], 'shopping_list_products_id' => $shopping_list_products_id, 'products_image' => $shopping_list['products_image'], 'products_name' => $shopping_list['products_name'], 'products_quantity' => $shopping_list['products_quantity'], 'products_price' => $shopping_list['products_price'], 'specials_new_products_price' => $shopping_list['specials_new_products_price'], 'specials_status' => $shopping_list['specials_status'], 'products_tax_class_id' => $shopping_list['products_tax_class_id'] ); the problem goes away immediately, resulting in one product in the shopping list attributes included.
  5. iTea

    [Addon] Shopping List

    Love the idea of this addon. But we're experiencing some problems on a (modified) regular 2.3.4. store. Products with attributes get two entries in the shopping list: one with a picture, the product name, and everything else and one with an empty picture, the stock check, all attribute(s) and everything else, as if the attributes are a product by themselves, If you add another product with another attribute, there is a new entry for the product but the new attribute is combined with the existing attributes in the attribute entry. Very strange indeed! Also, the shopping_list_attributes_id in the shopping_list_products table remains 0, although I'm not sure it is actually being used.
  6. I'm hesitating to ask, but will do it nevertheless: where can I find Display the products in this category: selection set to Detailed table mode (include Specification columns). I will look into the select to compare code, after I get the basics up and running, sounds promising though!
  7. Thanks for the pointers! The comparison bit in index.php seemed to be too far down, should be inside the if statement where product_listing is included I think, or maybe even in the product_listing module itself? The setting Comparison Row in Table can't do anything now I think, since the product_listing module in the download appears to be identical to the stock product_listing module. Do I undertand correctly that a table is produced that shows the specs for all the products in a specific (sub)category? However, there are no identifiers in my table. Played around with the Spec Combos since I presume they do something with these identifiers so that you produce a sort of enhanced product listing? No success so far. Did you ever consider to make some tick boxes in product listing, to directly compare two or three products on their specs?
  8. Yep, when you found it... it's sometimes difficult to search for problems which are not clearly defined by error messages. What do you search for, "there's something wrong", lots of results, lots to read! We've never been able to get the comparison part up and running, have two products, each with two specs with two values each, within the same category. Specs are showing up, filtering works, but no comparison link in product_listing or product_info to be found. Products are two deep (dvd movies - action). Products Comparison Page Subhead Minimum Spec Comparison 2 Show More True Show Empty Products True Comparison Link in Index True Comparison Row in Table top Show Comparison True Comparison in Index False Comparison Suffix in Header True Comparison Box Style Simple Spec Combo Manufacturer 0 Spec Combo Weight 0 Spec Combo Price 0 Spec Combo Model 1 Spec Combo Image 3 Spec Combo Name 2 Spec Combo Buy Now 4 The product_listing file in PS 1.1.11 is identical to stock osC, there seems to be nothing different. $current_category_id can be echoed. Any suggestions?
  9. Oops, found it: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/344692-contribution-products-specifications/page-42#entry1682713. Thanks!
  10. We're experiencing some strange problems with PS 1.1.11 on osC 2.3.4.: The admin PS tabs are not working properly, there is a line with tabs, but the tabs are empty, directly below the line of tabs, the admin page (with graphs) is "reloaded", and below that the content of the tabs is displayed in stock osC layout. The left column admin controls are not working anymore. Is there a problem with two tab-series in one page, one for the admin controls and one for PS? Same thing seems to happen in the front side.
  11. iTea

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers for 2.3.4

    I'm not sure what you are referring to...
  12. iTea

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers for 2.3.4

    Did a CCGV drop on a fresh osC 2.3.4 install, seems to be working. Couple of small things though. Does anyone know how we can update the old school <?php echo tep_image_submit('button_back.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_BACK, 'name=back') . '</a>'; ?> in gv_send.php?action=send referring back to the filled-in form of gv_send.php?action=process to a nice jquery button? Tried tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_BACK, 'triangle-1-w', 'javascript:history.back(-1)'), but that doesn't work, like the back button on the browser doesn't work for this purpose.
  13. iTea

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    When I run the select function GenerateCategorySitemap(){ $quotes = (defined('QUOTES_CATEGORY_NAME') ? " where cd.categories_name NOT LIKE '" . QUOTES_CATEGORY_NAME . "' " : ''); $sql = "SELECT c.categories_id as cID, c.date_added, c.last_modified as last_mod FROM " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " c left join " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " cd on c.categories_id = cd.categories_id " . $quotes . " ORDER BY c.parent_id ASC, c.sort_order ASC, c.categories_id ASC"; in phpmyadmin I do get the same repetition, two (languages) for each category. The manufacturers select is language independent: function GenerateManufacturerSitemap(){ $sql = "SELECT manufacturers_id as mID, date_added, last_modified as last_mod, manufacturers_name FROM " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " order by manufacturers_name DESC";
  14. iTea

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    We've got your url-rewriter up and running. Turned it off, reset the caches, but it didn't seem to make a difference. We've got two languages, our default language had an ID of 2, instead of 1, could that be of significance?