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    RSS Feed Question

    One way to track rss links is using the same method that you track your other online advertising. In addition, a quick and dirty (but effective) method is to use the "osC Affiliate" contribtion. You simply treat your feeds as an affiliate with no payout. Your inbound links can look like http://www.yoursite.com?ref=123 where 123 is the affilaite number. Oh yeah... the most obvious method may be to look at your logs. HTH, Robert
  2. Rob123

    First Item $X, Additional Items $Y Shipping

    Welcome to the forum... now stop highjacking threads. Now that I'm done yelling at you... :P Make sure the weight of the downloadable products is Zero (0). If this does not work... start your own thread. HTH, Robert
  3. Rob123

    Random Product Specials

    Um... I don't know if this meets your requirement for a good, robust contribution (that works). Random Specials Personally, I use my own home-grown solution but the contribution above looks like it would suit your needs. HTH, Robert
  4. Rob123

    Messenger Status Contribution

    One of the sites that I support used to have the AIM box displayed. (They eventually moved to a different support method) My solution to resolve the SSL problem... Use cURL to display the correct image using https when needed. I offered my code to the author of the contribution, I guess it was not needed. If this is something that you could use, PM me and I'll send you a link to my test site. If you like it and consider it useful, I'll clean it up and submit it as a contribution. Robert (Moderators: please note that this is not a solicitation for work.)
  5. Rob123

    Messenger Status Contribution

    For this contribution, yes.
  6. Rob123

    SQL problem, I think!!!

    If I'm understanding you correctly, I think you made changes to column names in the database. Based on my assumption, I suggest that you check the database table called "orders_products". Change the column called "products_sku" back to "products_model".
  7. Rob123

    Can this be done?

    Did you look in the contributions section? Minimum Advertised Price Module HTH, Robert
  8. Did you search the contributions? I recall several "call for price" contributions. HTH, Robert
  9. Perhaps you would like to describe your problem and the exact error message. Other people may understand you, but I didn't have my coffee yet so I may be a little slow today. Robert
  10. Did you actually tell us what your problem is? I'm happy to help (through the forum) but I don't understand your issue. Robert
  11. Rob123

    Boxes of 6 or 12 bottles

    Another option is: Quantity Price Breaks Per Product I'm not sure if will work with mixed cases. HTH, Robert
  12. Rob123

    Category Style Upload Feature

    The real problem is that Easy Populate does not handle "linked" products between multiple categories. You would have to come up with an alternate solution. In my case I used a MySQL script to link hundreds of products en masse. The problem was that I had to proof my changes and correct the occasional issue. HTH, Robert
  13. Rob123


    This is an issue that is not directly related to this contribution. The solution is within the link below. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/bugs,1605 Robert
  14. Rob123

    Free Samples in Checkout?

    You're in the wrong forum, perhaps the product that you are using has a forum with dedicated suport. There are many differences between the product above and stock osCommerce. Robert
  15. With all due respect to Kenny Boyd's work, modifying his contribution would be extremely difficult. It would be faster (and IMO more efficient) to build a rss feed from scratch. The problem is that there are way too many "mini-queries" (a term one of my database admins calls it) There are many rss contributions and perhaps one of them does what you want. (I do not want to reinvent the wheel.) If you can't find an appropiate contribution, PM me or post it in this thread and I'll work with you. I am willing to do it for you and submit it as a contribution. Just call it my good deed for the day. Robert
  16. You could also run a sql query using phpmyadmin. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=126875 HTH, Robert
  17. Rob123

    Offline Processing Only

    Yes, you have two options. 1. Store the entire Credit Card number in the database 2. Store part of the CC number in the database and email the other part. Personally, I recommend the second option. HTH, Robert
  18. Rob123

    Master Products - MS2

    I recommend Rarlab's WinRAR product for Windows. It allows you to "unzip" tarball and gzip files as well as regular zip, cab and other archives. It has a fully functional trial period for the download from their site. HTH, Robert P.S. It's actually called "decompress" since I'm sure "unzip" is copyrighted.
  19. Rob123

    Quick Shipping Calculator

    I've used it on two sites and the customers do not need to log in.
  20. Downloadable products is a feature of osCommerce. http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce/A...nfiguration/162 HTH, Robert
  21. The instructions are correct. I've used it several times. In your case, the insert statement above is missing a comma between 'Testing' and '10'. Since the comma is missing sql says there are 12 column and 11 values. Fix it in your code and it should work just fine. HTH, Robert
  22. Rob123

    Need free shipping on downloads

    Here's an idea... You can drop your tare weight to zero and increase the weight of your physical products to something a little higher. Just my 2 cents, Robert
  23. These are not really easy populate questions. First you must figure out how to do it manually. EP can automate the "bulk load" of the product/category/attribute information. You'll have some roadblocks and decisions to make. For instance, since you want to hotlink images have you consider what will happen on the ssl pages? Just my 2 cents, Robert
  24. Rob123

    Rik Rasmussen, please help!

    Rik, I am jealous that no one asks for me by name. :'( Just kidding, Robert
  25. Rob123


    Where did you download this contribution from? My guess is it wasn't from http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions If that's the case, did you ask "them" for support? I am sorry if my guess is incorrect. Robert