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  1. hey thats a pretty good idea ability to add then change the prodocts that are included in the auto emails template so you can send a "havent seen you in a while" cupon email or the "howd we do please review" email and it will automatically include some product thumbs to pique the recipients interest... what do you think cord?
  2. nextwave

    Automatic Currency Value Updater

    great thanks jack! i had this one and for some reason changed to the one using currencysource.com not sure why as it was a while ago but yes all appears to be working again thanks so much for your help great contrib!
  3. nextwave

    Automatic Currency Value Updater

    thnaks is that this one? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5685 i needed United Aran Emirates AED currency which isnt supported by this currency source any other ideas? thankss gain jack
  4. nextwave

    Automatic Currency Value Updater

    yes this doesnt work anymore anyone got any ideas for another free currency rss feed that will work for this contrib? tjhanks if you can help!
  5. PS just rated mailbeez on trustpilot but hasnt come up yet will wait and see if it does if not will post again thanks again cord!
  6. yes that would be awesome... perfect actually... a publicly viewable URL that basically listed the products in their order... eg Sallys Order and just presented them in a row, 3 thumbs per row... and yes that is the URL that would then be shared with Facebook... i wish i could assist but cant code :( happy to contribute to devleopment costs... now im trying to think of other uses for mailbeez that youi havent already covered when do you think the coupon code mailbeez will be ready? Coupon: Send Coupon Campaign Coupon: Send Coupon Expiry Reminder Coupon: Send Reorder Coupon thanks again Cord, amazingly good work :) K
  7. wow cord! first off this is one of the best ever contribs as far as potential ROI with little to no effort on the part of the storeowner real enterrise level stuff, really well done so far! i thank you for all the time youve put in to date... ive just installed it and am playing around with it now... love the modular design, somehting sorely lacking in oscommerce developmnt installation appears to have been a dream! but still working through it so experience has taught me not to get too carried away just yet :) was thinking about the facebook "share review" module its a great module for sure but does rely on a person first creating a review was thinking it would a great idea to have a module that allowed people to post their order (or edit it to include only preferred products) to their facebook wall eg Cord just bought X. Y and Z from Store Name along with a pic of the maybe the first product? thinking people would be more inclined to do this than a review, as its less effort especially if it was one click from an email... depending on the store and its products, people do love to share their most recent retail therapy session! would also assist storeowners making social connections with their customers and in turn their customers social networks im hoping to use mailbeez on a number of clients stores so will certainly be looking to make some donations in the future once i get it working and sell the setup time to them! Thanks again K
  8. nextwave

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    thanks jack aah okay so setup a cron to run googlebase.php but schedule a get how would i turn the ftp off ? can see line 368 comment //Start FTP to Froogle would i comment out all this code to the end of the //End FTP to Froogle ?? thanks heaps for your time with this you are a complete legend!
  9. nextwave

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    thanks for the reply my question would be how does it work on other hosts without disabling the firewall? my host said "The issue is that the ports required for this connection to work are being blocked by the firewall. White-listing the IP allows this IP to connect on all ports and so makes the connection possible." my host are super helpful normally and very good to deal with how are other people doing it with a firewall? thanks
  10. nextwave

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    next reply from host... "CSF does not protect against intrusion through out-date 3rd-party php software. I believe that was mentioned only as a general security measure. Unfortunately, we can find no other alternative. The issue is that the ports required for this connection to work are being blocked by the firewall. White-listing the IP allows this IP to connect on all ports and so makes the connection possible. The only way to have the firewall up and have the connection go through from any IP address would be if we expressly opened the port range that this connection uses. Since we do not have this information this is not possible." any ideas, im confused now' want this to be automated but worried if the firewall is turned off
  11. nextwave

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi Jack, my host has said "Unless google provides us with a list of IP's to whitelist for this, I think the only solution would be to just disable your firewall completely. This is not a problem with ftp on your server, your firewall is simply blocking it. As long as you have strong passwords for your accounts and are not running vulnerable/out of date software it should be fine. CSF will no longer be able to block users for login failures and your ports will no longer be blocked." hmm im not sure i lik the sound of that...especially seeing oscommerce is probably guilt of being "vulnerable/out of date software" id hate to think this would then be responsible for bringing down the whole server... is there no other way to allow ftping by this script? find it hard to underdstand how other sites automating the fetching of product feeds obviously every one isnt doing it manually or turning off their firewall there must be another way? thank again for your help jack
  12. nextwave

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    oops forgot to signup for email replies thanks
  13. nextwave

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi first thanks looks to be a great contrib (if i can get it working!) when running googlebase.php it generates the txt feed fine (and works when uploaded manaully ) but then times out with this error Warning: ftp_put() [function.ftp-put]: php_connect_nonb() failed: Operation now in progress (115) in /home/XXXXX/public_html/shop/google_base.php on line 401 We checked else where and some of the solutions are 1)I used to have the same problem. Mine was caused by a firewall preventing access to the server.(Firewall is blocking FTP). 2)Call your host, ask if there is a firewall, tell them to allow outgoing connections on port 21 to you. (port 21 should allow for outgoing connection). We asked the host to add the ip in the script to the firewall and it worked fine right after the ip was added, but then appears google changes this ip, or rotates ftp ports? so the next day it stopped working with same error above... Our host has said "Weve adde the ip to whitelist but its completely different from what it was before. There is really no way for us to preemptively whitelist these IPs. Although if you could contact google and ask about this issue, they may be able to provide you with a port range that they are using for these ftp connections, We could then open those ports in the firewall and this issue would not arise again. But without that information there isn't much we can do." Any ideas ? Thanks K
  14. nextwave

    Google Base feeds

    hi sounds like a great contrib i installed have 105 products but in ggogle base under status it says 0 of 939 i guess questions would be why 0 ? and why of 939? Hmm K
  15. nextwave

    eWay Module CCV/CVN/CVV not working

    yes i would like to know this also eway is great solution but these types of things are very unprofessional and detract from it