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  1. ben_dph

    Support forum for [HTML Mail]

    I meant the actual page on the website. When I click 'register' it's supposed to go to the page on which to fill out all the details, that page shows up all white. It must be something in the coding of that page I think. I'll check tomorrow if I can give more details cuz I understand if this is not enough to suggest anything :P
  2. ben_dph

    Support forum for [HTML Mail]

    Doesn't seem to work :o After I follow all the steps the create account page is empty when I open it. Any idea what may be the reason?
  3. ben_dph

    Support forum for [HTML Mail]

    Awesome, thanks! I'm going to give this a try now :-).
  4. ben_dph

    Support forum for [HTML Mail]

    Hi @, I've googled how to "uncomment out" the line in the html_mail and contact_us files, but can't figure it out lol. I'm just starting to learn PHP so I hardly know any of these terms =). In catalog/admin/includes/languages/html_mail.php uncomment out the line where it asks you [this is self explanatory] What exactly do I change in these codes: //HTML MAIL v2.0 [uncomment below if want html email from customer.] /* require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . '/' . FILENAME_HTML_CONFIG); $page = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . '/' . FILENAME_HTML_DATA); */ //HTML MAIL end and //HTML Email data [uncomment below if want html email from customer.] // $enquiry = $html . $enquiry . $html_end; Is it the /* and */ that uncomments it out? So I add those tags before and after the two parts of coding? Thanks in advance!
  5. ben_dph

    Mail Manager

    Hi, does this work on 2.3? I've edited all the files and made the database changes as stated in the documentation but it's not working. The Mail Manager thing that's supposed to show in the menu shows all the way at the top of the page outside of the actual menu and it doesn't have the subcategories (bulkmail manager, response mail, template manager, etc.). All I get when I click the Mail Manager button outside the actual navigation is Response Mail Manager, with the Tell A Friend, Password Forgotten, Status Update, etc. sub menus. Are the changes suggested here: http://www.css-oscommerce.com/mail-manager-for-oscommerce/ actually good for 2.3? There must be a problem with them, I've restored and re-tried 3 times now and the same result each time. Hope you can help! Thanks. Edit- I realized that the pages are actually accessible, but only through changing the url to the bulkmail, template manager, etc. pages. I'm confused about why they're not showing as submenus under the Mail Manager category - and why that category is outside of the navigation menu itself. I'm no pro with this, but I'm pretty sure that either there's something wrong in the changes as stated in the documentation, or I'm reading them wrong. The thing is, I've done precisely as it says (I don't know enough to notice mistakes if there'd be any) three times and it's not working.