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  1. smellypoopants

    Shipping Quote in Cart - Support Thread

    Seems to work well with Thanks !
  2. smellypoopants

    Record Site Search / Quick Find by User

    Oh nice. I think I must have been searching under version 2.3 not 2.2. I will give this a go though. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm almost surprised I couldn't find anything in the Addons or by searching the forums on this. Are there any addons or does anyone want to help make an addon that records searches made by the user in the Quick Find box? I've had a quick look at the \includes\modules\boxes bm_search.php file but I am not really familiar with how OS Commerce works. I'm thinking something that just like a File Open and write a new line to a text or .CSV file for each search by the user, which you can do whatever you want with later.
  4. smellypoopants

    Setting up Paypal Express to go Live

    Oh thanks loads. I don't know why I couldn't find it, I guess I figured it wasn't there. If anyone has this problem again it's currently located on the main Paypal account site under My Account -> Profile -> My Selling Tools -> API Acess
  5. smellypoopants

    Setting up Paypal Express to go Live

    Hi, I am seriously having a dumb. How do you set up Paypal Express to be live? The Paypal Express module asks for API Username The username to use for the PayPal API service API Password The password to use for the PayPal API service API Signature The signature to use for the PayPal API service I've gone to the Paypal Developer site and made a new app under 'My Apps' but it only provides this under 'REST API Credentials': Endpoint: api.paypal.com Client ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Obviously I've changed everyting there to an x. Also now the formatting of this post has gone mad. Failure! The PayPal Express Checkout credentials are not set up correctly for live production use. array(9) { ["TIMESTAMP"]=> string(20) "2014-05-05T11:06:04Z" ["CORRELATIONID"]=> string(13) "121f1410a2d26" ["ACK"]=> string(7) "Failure" ["VERSION"]=> string(4) "60.0" ["BUILD"]=> string(8) "10850615" ["L_ERRORCODE0"]=> string(5) "10002" ["L_SHORTMESSAGE0"]=> string(14) "Security error" ["L_LONGMESSAGE0"]=> string(28) "Security header is not valid" ["L_SEVERITYCODE0"]=> string(5) "Error" } Is there a guide somewhere? Obviously a lot of people have managed to do this easily because I couldn't find any topics on it in the forums :) so yes I am having a dumb.
  6. smellypoopants

    Remove Paypal Express Checkout bottom!

    @@AlteredAttic Have you considered using the Zone Shipping module? It sounds like it might suit you.
  7. smellypoopants

    Remove Paypal Express Checkout bottom!

    Cool looking forward to it!
  8. smellypoopants

    Remove Paypal Express Checkout bottom!

    [Edit]: Also I think this will remove any additional 'Checkout'-style button except the first Oscommerce 'checkout' button. However since I only had the 1 additional Paypal Express button, this worked for me.
  9. smellypoopants

    Remove Paypal Express Checkout bottom!

    I had a similar problem. For example I do not ship to many countries so do not have shipping modules set up for them. So if a customer hits the Paypal Button on the Shipping_cart.php page they are able to enter any address, and no shipping charges are added to their order. They are also able to complete the order with only paying for the item. They are charged nothing for the shipping. So I'm not saying this is the best way... Open /catalog/shopping_cart.php Find Around line 145: <?php reset($initialize_checkout_methods); while (list(, $value) = each($initialize_checkout_methods)) { ?> <p align="right"><?php echo $value; ?></p> <?php } Change to <?php //reset($initialize_checkout_methods); //while (list(, $value) = each($initialize_checkout_methods)) { ?> <p align="right"><?php //echo $value; ?></p> <?php //} Of course you can delete things if you are confident, have backups, or are sure you never want it. Etc. However I only supply the commented out version ;) Disclaimer: There's probably a better way to do this, YMMV
  10. smellypoopants

    No-redirect adding to cart - not sure what to call it

    @@greasemonkey :)
  11. smellypoopants

    No-redirect adding to cart - not sure what to call it

    Ha ha I like my username too! Thanks loads for your reply. Helped a lot.
  12. Hi, so when someone adds an item to the cart, they are redirected away from the catalogue page they were on. I am making a site with 1000+ items, and people will be getting 10+ items per purchase, so it's quite an interuption for the user-flow if they are being redirected to the cart each time and then have to find their way back through the categories & page to where they were. Are there any addons which just add the item to the cart (and possibly updates the on-page cart) but doens't redirect the user away from where they were in the catelogue? Of course the user can still access the cart at any time by following the link to it etc. I'm not sure if something like this already exists, if so I have no idea what it is called. Any input appreciated
  13. smellypoopants

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Check your database has the field p.products_msrp. I'm not sure which table that is in off-hand. If you've added other mods it might have been delete or renamed at some point
  14. smellypoopants

    PayPal advanced?

    You have to get the module from paypals developer site I belive
  15. smellypoopants

    Australian Post Shipping Moudle

    This is something I would also be interested in for 2.3.3