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  1. I added the usps.php program file per kymation's instructions and am finally getting some quotes from usps for shipping. however, the weight is 2 lbs higher than the part that i ma selecting, anyone have ideas why? sorry for being a noobie - XXXX nevermind, figured out that under configuration / package tare weight - the system is ADDING the tare weight to the items weight. then adding the "Larger packages - percent increase to the weight to get a final total shipping weight! cheers
  2. Hello, I seriously apologize to all the experts on here, but i have a simple question, I just started an oscommerce 2.3.3 website and would really like to add shipping by the post office on it, but i am majorly confused by all the discussion as to if there is a working post office shipping calculator and which one it is. Can anyone direct me to the last working addon? I have signed up with the usps and got an active working production server logon ids etc and just need software that works.