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  1. smokestack

    New Versions: Bank Transfer

    Does this module allow you to add a payment surcharge?
  2. smokestack

    New task for order editor

    I think the order editor tool is great but if you can't get the payment modules & shipping modules integrated so that the admin can process payment, then an invoice should be generated that can be emailed to the customer so that they can pay the difference (if required).
  3. smokestack

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    i'm a little confused. with this new release, is the Thank you for shopping at text hardcoded or is it now in the languages file? Thanks..
  4. smokestack

    HelpDesk For osCommerce

    Has anyone got the helpdesk contribution working on their site? Do you view & respond to emails from the store admin?
  5. Can anyone tell me the difference between QTPro & Master Products and which is the best one to use for handling attribute stock? Thank you..
  6. smokestack

    Authorize.net & eCheck

    I would like to know if any merchants are accepting eChecks via Authorize.net? I would love to get some feedback.. Thanks,..
  7. smokestack

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi Adam, I am still a little confused.. My question earlier was: I record all sales paid for with a credit card as a sales receipt/not an invoice and our osC order numbers are not in sync with our Sale No. as we use QB to record all sales (not just on osC). Is their anyway for the import to find the next available sales receipt number? Your response: I suspect that QB's behaviour is a bug, but in this case it looks like it will do exactly what you want. For sales receipts, they will always be sequencially numbered, whether done offline in QB or imported from the iif. But since the Sales Reciept number doesn't match the Order number in osC, I've made QBI add the order number a a comment line on the invoice, so you know what osC order it goes with. Thanks, Adam Right now I am manually entering all the sales data from osC into QB so when I open sales receipts it automatically brings me to the newest (next available) sales receipt .. What about this? Could I somehow tell your import tool what sales receipt number to use when it creates the IIF file? Have you heard of a company called BigRedConsulting? They offer an excel plug-in tool that allows me to download sales from PayPal and import via IIF into QB.. It's very basic and doesn't handle multiple items that are paid for together well but they offer a free trial so you might want to check it out.. Once you have the tool/plug in installed, you open a blank document in excel, click import from PayPal and you see a small interface that allows you to update your QB lists but also lets you enter the Sales Receipt number.. Please let me know if this makes sense of if you need any clarification.. Thanks..
  8. smokestack

    NY Sales Tax Headache

    Hi.. I also sell & ship out of New York state and because the NYS tax rates are such a disaster and the tax dept. does not provide any help to online merchants, we decided to only collect one rate (for us the NYC rate of 8.625% which is the highest). The real issue is this.. New York State has about 60+ counties and each county has a different rate. You can't use the zip code of the shipping address to accurately report/collect sales tax as some counties have multiple zip codes so the only 2 options I see are: 1) add a county dropdown box to your checkout and allow the buyer to select the county 2) build a database with all of the counties (the tax dept. has a pdf available which lists all of the counties) but after looking at it (and speaking to a rep at the tax dept.) it still doesn't seem foolproof. The problem I see with option 1 is that if the buyer is not from New York State (maybe they are sending a gift) they will not know the county for the shipping address so you will probably loose the sale.. I don't know of any online store in New York State that is collecting tax accurately at this point.. HOpe this helps..
  9. smokestack

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi Adam, I haven't installed the contribution yet as I have two quick questions.. 1) How does QBI know which sales have already been imported so you don't record a sale twice? 2) I record all sales paid for with a credit card as a sales receipt/not an invoice and our osC order numbers are not in sync with our Sale No. as we use QB to record all sales (not just on osC). Is their anyway for the import to find the next available sales receipt number? Maybe I customized my sales receipt (it's been awhile so I don't really remember) but on the sales receipt I have the following 3 boxes below the Date & Sale No. Check No., Payment Method and Order No. I use the last box (Order No.) to record the osC order number. Will I be able to use this? Thanks. Stacie
  10. smokestack

    Authorize.net not setting cc_type, etc in ORDERS

    use the authorizenet with curl fix contribution
  11. Do any US merchants accept credit/debit cards from International Customers? If so, what payment processor(s) do you use? Has anybody found a merchant account/payment processor that will a non-US customer to initiate a wire/bank transfer online? What about sending payment via their bank account (like an eCheck)?
  12. smokestack

    Authorize.net not setting cc_type, etc in ORDERS

    does that mean if you use Authorize.net, you can't store the credit card type (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx or Discover) in your order.php page? If you click on an order, you see the Order #, Order Date & Time & Payment Method.. Is it possible to have the CC Type appear under Payment Method?
  13. smokestack


    Is anybody using the eCheck service provided by CheckFree? https://mycheckfree.com/br/wps?sp=10001&rq=bfbl I would like to hear some feedback.. Thanks..
  14. smokestack

    How does Bank Transfer Work?

    Can an option be easily added to the My Account section/order history so a customer can login and enter in the bank transfer confirmation number and a few details: date of transfer, total amount, etc.. and then the admin would be notified of the new info?
  15. smokestack

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    Hi.. I have a US based osC shop and am looking for a payment solution for my international customers. I wanted to get some feedback on NoChex and find out if it has a good reputation amongst UK buyers/shoppers and how osC shop owners feel about it? Thanks..