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  1. On May 12 2014, USPS announced that it was retiring the RateV3 API later this year (target date: September 28, 2014). I'm hoping that this doesn't affect us at all. We're using USPS Methods 6.3.1, and when I've captured some of the XML exchanges with the USPS servers, I see tons of tags like <RateV4Response>. I'm hoping that means that we're already using V4 of the API, and as such don't care about V3 going away. But I'm not sure (most suspiciously, the version history of USPS Methods notes the change to V3 (at version 4.0 of the module) but never a change to V4 of the API. If someone could confirm that the "V4" used in communications with the USPS represents "USPS API Version 4", I'd rest easier. Thanks in advance, David
  2. davidreedernst

    Issue with OsCommerce and Authorize.net SIM module

    I was struggling with the same issue (here three years later!). Your fix did not quite work for me, Andres, but I finally got it working with some modifications. I'm posting for the benefit of anyone who ends up on this post after a web search. I tried what Andres has above, notably changing the MD5 Hash to something shorter. That may have been necessary, I don't know. The final thing that fixed it for me was loosening the session restrictions. Right now it's working with: Session Directory /tmp Force Cookie Use False Check SSL Session ID False Check User Agent False Check IP Address False Prevent Spider Sessions False Recreate Session True Honestly, I'm not sure which of those settings was necessary, but if you're reading this because you're having the same problem, try that and see if it helps.
  3. davidreedernst

    Intuit drops ECHO, what to do?

    A client of mine is running OSCommerce 2.3 and has been using ECHO for payment processing for years. A few days ago he receive notification from Intuit that they were discontinuing support for ECHO effective May 1, 2014. Specifically, the ECHO account will be converted to an Inuit QuickBooks eCommerce account. I checked and I don't see any payment processing Addons for QuickBooks eCommerce. Am I missing something? If not, does anyone have advice on a payment processor? My client is pretty heavily invested in OSCommerce, but not at all in QuickBooks, so if something's gotta give, it will be switching to a new payment processing module. I welcome and appreciate any and all advice, David
  4. davidreedernst

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Hi everyone, just arriving at this party, I'm working on a site with USPS Methods 6.1. It recently stopped working, especially on International shipping (domestic shipping still works, although it's not displaying the names correctly). I suspect the sudden failure is related to the USPS API changes of July 28. I was pleased to see that bkpie uploaded changes to USPS Methods accounting for these API changes, but they are for Methods v 5.2. From TomB01's experience, it sounds like it is not safe to use this patch on 6.1. Is anyone already working on porting those changes over to the 6.1 code? If not, I'm going to work on it, my client really wants his international shipping working again soon. But I'm kind of surprised that no one has already done it, or is at least working on it. I mean, didn't everyone who is running USPS Methods v 6.x start experiencing problems last week because of this? Any guidance, anyone? Am I missing something?
  5. davidreedernst

    USPS vs. USPS Methods?

    Thanks for the reply. I'd heard about the USPS changes, but I doubt that they are related to what I'm seeing. For one thing, the installed USPS Methods module on the OSC v 2.2 is still working fine. As for the 2.3 installation, I believe that "clean install (and database migration)" is a good description of what I did here. The database part felt pretty improvised, though, I just went through the tables looks for things that had changed. In some cases like lists of states and countries for shipping, i assumed that the fresh OSC 2.3 had better information than the old 2.2 that we already had running. That still seems like a good assumption to me, but I suppose it could be related to my problem. But, really, mostly I'm looking for advice as to whether the plain USPS Module that comes with OSC 2.3 will do what I want if I can get it working... or if I should install USPS Methods instead. Anyone have experience with one or both of these?
  6. davidreedernst

    USPS vs. USPS Methods?

    Hello everyone, I'm helping a client upgrade his OSCommerce site from 2.2-MS2 to 2.3.3. It's my first time using OSC, definitely a learning curve, but in general it's going ok. For background, I'm usually a web developer, so I'm very comfortable with PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL etc., but am just barely understanding things specific to OSC. In the 2.2 version, they are running the add-on called "USPS Methods", and they are happy with how it works. It seems that OSC 2.3.3 comes with a pre-installed module called simply "USPS", and looking at the source code for this, it says that it is based on USPS Methods. Being that it's now included with the core distribution, and that USPS Methods no longer seems to be actively maintained, I figured it would be better to stick with this add-on. However, USPS in 2.3.3 is not doing what they want. Specifically, they want to be able to specify which methods to ship by, eg "Express Mail, Priority Mail, Media Mail". 2.2 + USPS Methods gives them a long list of options, they check the ones that they want. But presently, when they go to edit the USPS Module in 2.3.3, there are very few options, and they look funny. What's with those unlabeled text boxes underneath the USPS UserID? Is that normal? I'm wondering if the picking-and-choosing I did while migrating their old database to the new one left things in some kind of bad state that's making those boxes appear and/or keeping the shipping options from appearing. If anyone has advice for me I'd appreciate hearing it. Should I just get rid of USPS and install USPS methods? Is there some trick to getting USPS to doing what we want? Is what I'm seeing normal? Even if someone can show me what the module options look like when it's functioning normally, that would be a big help all by itself. Thank you! David