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  1. Wanted to also add that I've only tested Internet Explorer and Chrome so far. Again, the email shows the CORRECT discount when I do the whole process with CHROME. The email DOESN'T show the discount at all in the email when I used INTERNET EXPLORER for the whole process. I've tried to manually add the discount code with no luck and have tried to fidget with the paypal_standard.php code to get this to work... but thus far I just can't seem to get anything to register from Internet Explorer. Just another reason I can't stand IE anymore...
  2. Hello! Having a very serious issue with this module and Internet Explorer... everything runs great overall. The discount is applied, Paypal shows the correct discount... even the order history shows the correct amount. That's all perfect. What the problem is with the order email. The email comes in showing no discount applied... which I'm sure will be a shell shock for those who put a code in saving a lot of money and see they seemed to have paid the full amount. Here's some screenshots: FROM INTERNET EXPLORER: BOX 1) checkout_confirmation.php showing correct discount. BOX 2) Paypal's site showing correct discount. BOX 3) The Order email (my redone version) with no discount showing up. BOX 4) Just to make sure, I overwrote paypal_standard.php so it was default with the discount coupon code applied, and here's what the plain default email showed up as also not showing the discount. http://www.momentscapture.com/ImageTemp/OSC-DC-IE.jpg FROM CHROME: BOX 1) This is the same modified email as above, but with the whole process done in Chrome. Note that now the discount shows up. http://www.momentscapture.com/ImageTemp/OSC-DC-Chrome.jpg I figure this has something to do with paypal_standard.php and some session variable, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. HELP PLEASE! I've searched high and low trying to figure this out... Britt