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  1. vaggolena

    Mail Manager

    Yea I figured it might cause more harm than good for that specific reason. Thanks again for taking time to help me out with all these issues.
  2. vaggolena

    Mail Manager

    Exactly, the one who places the order receives both the html and plain text email. Is that for redundant reasons? If so, can I disable the plain text?
  3. vaggolena

    Mail Manager

    Jase, This worked perfectly! Now wondering if there is a way to disable the non-html email to be sent as well after this html email. Each order I place creates the html email with the template and then the standard non html email as well.
  4. vaggolena

    Mail Manager

    Thanks for the quick response. The reason I am asking is because the site is a restaurant and they usually get the order confirmations emailed to them and that gets printed afterwards. I realized that with this contribution, the one who places the order gets some nice html emails, but the admin does not.
  5. vaggolena

    Mail Manager

    Jase, I have to say great contrib and also to thank you for all the support you have provided for this. I do have a question though, is there an option to have a copy of an email sent go to the admin as well?