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  1. May have just found the solution. I needed to update the primary key for the second language from 2 to 4. The new site installation created a primary key of 2. The original site had a value of 4, likely as two other languages were ahead of French in the original installation. Those other languages were disabled, but not before French received a primary key of 4. I found the value of the French primary key value of 4 by looking at the categories database. The content of the categories box was empty when switching to French.
  2. Hi, I installed the French language pack and the Boxes configuration reverts to default when I switch to the second language (French). I am installing v2.3.3 and migrating changes from a 2.2a site. Most of the French content works (most is still from the module installation). The box content displays correctly, but the left/right configuration and the boxes displayed and sort order appear to be the system defaults. When installing the French module as an unzip from catalog, I chose not to overwrite as I did not want to have administrative functions in French. I even tried switching the language to French, going to the admin page and re-writing the boxes configuration, but no change. Searched all over the forums, but have not found the solution. Your help is greatly appreciated!