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  1. Lets end credit card fraud perpetrated live on the internet

  2. Whi keeps altering my signature please?

  3. Hello Mr Phil and Bob, I see "HappyPappy" has gone in to quite a lot of detail about our service, which all reads correctly from what I can see. I would like to answer some of your further comments/questions if I may. Firstly, you both are spot on about the disadvantages of having to manually enter credit cards in to your merchant facility yourself. We do not recommend our service if you are doing reasonable numbers of transactions per day. Pay Pal or a third party automated online payment processing gateway system would be the best choice here. But for those who don't mind manually charging credit cards in to their existing merchant facilities that they are already paying for anyway, our solution is a good one, espeicaly now since the previously inbuilt Oscommerce cc cpature option is not permitted. Yes, we are available world-wide. We have more customers in the U.S, Canada and the UK than we do here in Australia. The recent update of our Oscommerce module, which I see Happy Pappy has posted about, is primarily to avoid having to hard code in different currencies. Just like a fax machine, telephone or mail postal order, which are all approved methods to communicate an order with credit card details directly from cardholder to the business owner, e-Path knows no borders. We do the same thing as those methods, deliver the credit ard payment authorisation directly from the cardholder to the business owner for them to process the charge offline in to their existing merchant facilities. However, we differ from those methods in that the fax machine, telephone and mail postal order methods are not PCI compliant, whereas with e-Path credit card data is handled via a PCI compliant system. When receiving credit card details via fax machine, telephone, mail postal order, in person (cardholder hands you their card) and via e-Path, you are required to handle that data in a PCI compliant manner. I guess I'm not telling you anything new here but need to mention it all the same. Best regards Peter
  4. Hello windcast, The advice you've got so far should be listened to. From what you say it appears you are seeking a solution to accept credit cards online and charge them offline in to your own merchant facility yourself. We can help you here. Thank you Peter