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  1. rastlin

    ShipStaion for OsCommerce

    Everything seems to be working perfectly. The issue of No Connection during setup from Ship Station was due to little (stupid) setting within the OSCommerce. My cookies were being forced and this was blocking the connection from SS as SS was not able to use cookies when accessing the site. As soon as this option was turned off from within the OSC the installation from Ship Station was a success. I still had couple other issues due to too long strings that were in my database (payment string) as well as (shipping method string). I had to change those as well as make sure that the new orders would also meet the string length requirements. So far everything is working great. I really appreciate GreaseMonkey helping me look into his contribution and also Special thanks to George from Mini Template System contribution who jumped in and help me find the issue.
  2. rastlin

    ShipStaion for OsCommerce

    here it is. However, my file is "orders_status.php" not "order_status.php" ... I am not sure if you made a type or if we just found the issue.
  3. rastlin

    ShipStaion for OsCommerce

    Nope, Cant connect. It will not let me through to whatever is the next screen or step within the SS. attached is a screen shots. 1st is from when I hit "Test Connection" 2nd is from when I hit "connect" Thank you for looking and trying to help me. I really appreciate it.
  4. rastlin

    ShipStaion for OsCommerce

    @greasemonkey I've tried to get it to work for few more hours last night and this morning but to no avail. Keep getting same error from ShipStation. I triple checked all variables (URL, username, password, status IDs and made sure that everything corresponds with the settings in the OsCommerce) The Shipstation shows error when doing "test connection" or when I just hit "connect". The error is: --------------------------------- Store Configuration We received an error testing the Custom store: An error was encountered while attempting to test the connection ------------------------------- I know it is finding the file php file as if I on purpose change the file's name I get not found error. I dont know how to run some type of a debug to see at which point the script fails. It also could be something with Ship Station as maybe they have changed something when initially setting up the custom store? I see that your contribution is from 2017 so even though you are able to run it and it works, maybe the initial set up from SS was changed?
  5. rastlin

    ShipStaion for OsCommerce

    Yes, Sorry I misstyped about shipworks. I Do have ship station and for some weird reason cannot get it to work. I tried to get it to work a while back when I did a 30 day trial. Now I am actually paying for SS and been trying to get it to work with OSC but keep getting errors. I tried putting the php file in my root dir as well as in the catalog dir. I then tried putting it in the admin dir and been getting "unauthorized" error from SS. One time I did get SSL connection error but could not replicate that error. I also get this error when trying to load the file directly (www.mywebsiteaddress/oscommerce/shipstation_osc.php): THE PAGE CONTAINS FOLLOWING ERRORS: Error on line 1 at column 1: Document is empty Have you ever had issues with connection between the SS and your site? Any pointers of what I should look into? My OSC version is: 2.3.4 and I am using MTS Mini Template but I doubt this has anything to do with the issue. I suspect it is my .htaccess and or other security config?
  6. rastlin

    ShipStaion for OsCommerce

    Hello, I know this is a pretty old topic but I was wondering if this contribution still works. I am trying to get it installed with shipworks however after following the instructions I keep getting errors when testing connection. Here is the error I've been getting no matter what I do: Store Configuration We received an error testing the Custom store: An error was encountered while attempting to test the connection Any help will be greatly appreciated as my oscommerce store is the only one left that needs integration with SS.
  7. The Mini Template System is a MUST to have for anyone that is using osCommerce. I've been using osCommerce since 2005 (started with original one and only few month ago upgraded to 2.3.3). I have tried to implement template from monstertemplates ... ohhh man that was a BIG mistake. Thank god I first tried that on a 2nd temporary osCommerce that was not running my actual store. The Monster Templates had SOOO many bugs that after trying to get it working for few days I simply gave up as there was no real support and the source codes were a plain mess. I then turned to Mini Template System and all I can say is WOW. It took me about 30 min to configure it and my site was instantly taken out of the dark ages. Over the next few days I would make some tweeks here and there in order to customize the look. With few questions that I had I contacted George (Multimixer) via e-mail and I would always hear a response within a short time. He helped me figure out few custom things that I had to make to my site (osCommerce) and most recently even helped me with an issue that had nothing to do with his Mini Template System but another module. I highly HIGHLY recommend purchasing the Mini Template Systems add-on for your osCommerce as it will be the most valuable module that you can poses. You can see how it transformed my site by visiting www.AntiqueCeilings.com.