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  1. Hello again, didn't get the last version to work. Populated the database fine but I couldnt use the drop downs to search for products.. Tried installing everything again and now I'm back to square 1, running OSC 2.3.1 and the latest YMM. I'm running it on WAMP Apache 2.2.22, PHP 5.3.13 and MySQL 5.5.24. It looks as it looked on the SS's I posted before, http://www.dhsbilservice.se/bilder/IMG01.jpg , http://www.dhsbilservice.se/bilder/IMG02.jpg , http://www.dhsbilservice.se/bilder/IMG03.jpg , http://www.dhsbilservice.se/bilder/IMG04.jpg . I've replaced all the mysql_* occurencies with tep_db_* as was suggested, stll no luck. What I do, in this order is. Create the database, install OSC, populate the database with the YMM data, move the YMM files over to OSC, install the box from modules >> boxes. After that it looks like on the SS's, and I can't populate the database. I saw that there was a new step in the latest YMM version "install box from Catalog >> ymmajax.php", not sure about how to perform this one. I dont have anything called ymmajax.php under my catalog dropdown in the admin panel. I'm starting to run out of ideas =/ Any ideas nor help would be much appriciated! Thanks in advance // Jonas
  2. Not quite sure what is meant by that, but I'm running PHP 5.3.13 so that fix shouldnt be needed for me it seems? Maybe im doing something wrong during my install? What I do is I copy the files to the catalog folder, then I install it. I added the SQL to the install files so that it creates the table and so forth. Then when the installation is done i install the module under modules>boxes. After this everything should be golden, no? Still facing the same problems as before, so if anyone have any suggestions. Feel free to shime in! Thanks in advance. Nevermind, I resolved it. There was still one occurence of mysql_* in categories.php.
  3. Hmm, then I have to ask you how to use it heh.. Because when I fill out the information when adding a new product, it doesnt get added. Also I the "Use Previous" dropdowns doesnt get filled with any information. And I haven't seen any related errors, non at all for that matter. Maybe I should check out the mysql logs, as there might be a problem inserting the information into the database?
  4. Hello, which oscommerce version does this addon work on? Ive tried installing it on every version from 2.3.3 - without any good results. This is what it looks like on my fresh installation: http://www.dhsbilservice.se/bilder/IMG01.jpg http://www.dhsbilservice.se/bilder/IMG02.jpg http://www.dhsbilservice.se/bilder/IMG03.jpg http://www.dhsbilservice.se/bilder/IMG04.jpg Thanks in advance // Jonas