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  1. elevy999

    C2C support

    yep. Mainly that's the idea. though I'm not looking for automated script that opens new shops. I want to allow the customers to: 1. Add products. 2. each product will have photos, price and contact details(such as phone number, email). 3. no payment module. 4. no shipping module. Eyal
  2. elevy999

    C2C support

    LOL. Not looking to build ebay2, but a community service that allow friends to sell stuff to other friends. My question is is ther a c2c module for osCommerce that allow customers to add prudocts and sell it.
  3. elevy999

    C2C support

    Hello All, I'm new to os commerce, and looking for a c2c (customer to customer) supprt. I want to set up a site, allow personal customers to add new products, and sell it to other customers (same idea as ebay). Thanks, Eyal