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  1. Thanks for your answer. Yeah. We just realize maybe its not user friendly to let our clients to add those specifications for already added attributes. Is it possible that we write code by our own for those filters of attributes only in the front end? i.e. get all the available attributes and list those option values in the fitlers? but the main concern is that we are not sure how to integrate that with this add-on? like when user choose one attribute filters, we still want to use all the filters, including the filters for specifications. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Jim, Thanks so much. I changed display of the filter as "list of links", its working correctly. Thanks a lot for this addon. One more question, is it possible to show the product attributes as filters? We have already added product attributes for product, such as size, color, etc. Is it possible to show these attributes as filters? Best, Sam
  3. Hi, I just installed the add-on and configured it. I added 2 specifications, one is for "price", another is for "style", and set the filter class a value of not null (set as "range" for price, and set as "exact" for style). Those two filters could show in category page. Now I could see two submit buttons for each filter. The filter for style could work,but the filter for price is not working correctly. When I clicked the submit button, it didnt filter out the results. I could see the url changed to a value like "products_filter.php?f1[2]=20-30&cPath=22&x=0&y=0", if I changed the url to a value like ""products_filter.php?f1=20-30&cPath=22&x=0&y=0", it could filter the results. Could anyone tell me why this happen? Best, Sam
  4. Thanks. I just added that, that still needs user to enter account details first in a pop up for guest check out. Is it possible to waive this step to make user enter those account info in the checkout page? e.g. for guest, they can enter their account details, set shipping address, etc in a from in the check out page. Thats what our client requires. Is there a simple way to do that? any suggestions? Best, Sam
  5. Hi, Thanks a lot for this add-on, it is really useful. Now we want to add guest check out (customer could check out without login) to our site, any suggestions? Best, Sam