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  1. Ok, I admit it, I am stuck!! I downloaded the module just today and followed the instructions TO THE LETTER!! No problems with the installation and there did not appear to be any issues what so ever until I went to edit the USPS shipping module - then everything went south! (Well, not really, but it did mess up!!) This is what the situtation is: I am installing this to a virgin 2.3.3 cart. No other modules installed outside the ones that have been installed by the programmers.... So, I have the cart about 90% configured and working the way I want when I discover I don't have the shipping options that I need. So, I install the USPS module, but there are almost no options available there so I install this module. Installed with no problems as stated above. However, when I go in the modules tab to edit the values that for the USPS shipping module - EVERYTHING that is on the right side of the screen disappears - I mean just gone! The center portion of the window expands to take up all of the space on the right and SHOVES the configuration options all the way off the screen! There is not scroll bar along the bottom with which to scroll and find those options, its like they just got bullied off the screen!! I'll attach a couple of photos to show you what I mean..... Here it is, nestled all nice and snug along the right margin: Now its gone, not under the computer: What the heck is going on???? -DON-