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  1. 1. IMAGES PRODUCT_LISTING Our product images are stored in separate folders. Main image folder = images / gif (size 125x85) Large image folder = images / jpg (size 800x630) In Phoenix, product_listing images are scaled in such a way that they get different sizes, for example, if there is only one product in a row, the image becomes very large. View photos from Phoenix, "Image_1.0.2.1" and "Image_1.0.2.1_special_offers" (doesn't look great). Want product_listing images to be like in BS3, see "imageBS3" 2. IMAGES SUB-CATEGORIES We also use images for sub-categories (size 177x29) and in Phoenix it scales to different sizes. Sub-categories images to be resized as in BS3 Sub-category images must be left-aligned. Q. Is it possible to resize images in product_listing and sub-categories the same way as in bs3 and if, what needs to be changed?