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    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hi, first let me thank @kymation for the great work done. I use OScommerce bootstrap Gold and I have installed Modular Front Page and Front Page Carousel add Ons. They both work fine. I have a bililingual web site and I need to show carousel banners according to the language chosen. So a customer who has chosen English language sees banners in English and a customer choosing Greek language sees the same banners but in Greek. I imagine two different banner groups have to be created by perhaps copying the Carousel Banner module and using it twice. So we can have one banner group for English and one banner group for Greek. The trick would be to make the English banners from e.g rotator_en banner group show only on the English part of the web site and Greek banners from e.g rotator_gr show only on the Greek side of the web site. Any ideas how could one do this? Thank you in advance.
  2. After two weeks of searching for a solution for the problem number 2 and about 60 minutes after posting the previous message I found the solution during a moment of inspiration. It has to do with tables structure. All my tables started with a minimum weight of 1 kg. If a customer placed an order with items weighing less than 1 kg he would not see shipping options. I now start my tables from 0.01 kg and the module seems to work OK. Small problem number 1 still remains.
  3. I would like first to extend a big thank you to all people that worked to make this module. I have installed it on a Oscommerce 2.3.4 Bootstrap Gold edition and it seems to work OK. I have only two problems which are odd. 1. After installing the MZMT shipping module the "Install Module" button is not there any more in the shipping modules page. So normally no more shipping modules can be installed. This button appears again only when I edit the MZMT module and if I click it I can install additional shipping modules normally. 2. In some cases shipping for certain customers is not available during the checkout process although the geozones and the shipping tables are installed correctly. For the same state other customers do not have any problems. It also happened once in my test account. I could not see any shipping method available during checkout one day but after a couple of days I could see shipping options (nothing changed). I have 8 geozones and three tables/geozone (some geozones use only 2 of the three tables). I have also checked that zones do not overlap and I use a certain prefix for the geozones used in the module. I also use COD module and the Get States module. Any thoughts or help would be highly appreciated. Thank you