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  1. naschell81

    CCGV for 2.3.4 missing in Admin Tool

    @@Teddy K I'm running into the same thing. Even tried the hole reinstall.
  2. naschell81

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers for 2.3.4

    @@mommaroodles I'm running into the same thing @@Teddy K had any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. @@joli1811 Ok, will start a new thread in the order total module shortly. Sorry for high jacking the thread, and thank you.
  4. Should I mark both things that are false as true? Country of Origin: United States Postal Code: 17078 Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship: 10 Package Tare weight:. .05 Allow Orders Not Matching Defined Shipping Zones: False Larger packages - percentage increase:. 1 Allow Orders Not Matching Defined Shipping Zones: False
  5. @@joli1811 Alright got this message once i did that MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). (Query took 0.0141 sec)
  6. I use note pad, just wanted to see how it compares. @@joli1811 I can't seem to get that bit of code you posted to do anything.
  7. ah alright, he walked me through how to do that once before, doing that now. How do you guys go about making the changes to files? As in this line needs to be swapped out for this one?
  8. @@kymation Checked the file that where uploaded, they are all there will be checking the files that need editing next. @@joli1811 I have honestly no idea how to do what you type. I'm starting to feel out of my depth here
  9. @@joli1811 I was thinking they might be linked since both happened once I did the update and install of the new module @@kymation Thanks for trying at least. This is just driving me absolutely crazy. It worked perfectly fine till i went from to 2.3.4. Now it is just one thing after another. If I knew for sure I wouldn't loose my product database and pages I'd just uninstall it and do a clean install/
  10. @@kymation Version 7.3.1 @@author: Evan Roberts (evan.aedea@gmail.com) @Notes: https://github.com/Evan-R/USPS-osCommerce/releases @@licensed2kill: https://github.com/Evan-R/USPS-osCommerce/blob/master/LICENSE @@support: https://github.com/Evan-R/USPS-osCommerce/issues Legacy / Historical Information: $Id: usps.php 6.3 by Kevin L Shelton on August 15, 2013 +++++ Original contribution by Brad Waite and Fritz Clapp ++++ ++++ Revisions and Modifications made by Greg Deeth, 2008 ++++ Copyright 2008 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License //VERSION: 5.2.1 ALPHA LAST UPDATED: January 23rd, 2011 by Fulluv Scents
  11. I am having these two issues. I am running the 2.3.4 version of osCommerce and I'm using USPS osCommerce 7.3.1 Issue 1 is when customers try and select a shipping option. Issue 2 is when they try to finish checking out. The store address is correctly filled out at the form located at Admin >> Configuration >> My Store As is the Correct Zip code at Admin >> Configuration >> Shipping/Packaging I have been running into this issue for awhile along with a few others, those seem to have been resolved all except these two. Here are links to previous threads to show what has been suggest and tried already. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/398138-customer-log-in-issue/ http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/398194-problem-at-check-out/
  12. naschell81

    Shippin Modules not working

    I can't get any other shipping module to work other then flat rate, which causes me to loose money when shipping out side the US, and even larger orders.
  13. naschell81

    Shippin Modules not working

    Hi, I'm trying to get the USPS Shipping module to work and calculate accurate shipping costs. I've been using the flat rate option, but I don't want to get gouged on international shipping. Please help.