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  1. This is the support thread for the new Purchases Addon contribution. This add on was created and tested on osCommerce v2.3.3. You can find the add on here at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8794 or on github at https://github.com/psychopathica/purchases-add-on Q: What features does this add on have? A: This purchases add on allows osCommerce users to track the products that they have bought from their suppliers (so far it is only sorted by date) and to display their current inventory levels of each product and the movement of their stock in and out of their osCommerce business.
  2. psychopathica

    Purchases Add-on

    Hi guys! I'm trying to make a purchases add-on whereby admin users of oscommerce can store what they've bought from their suppliers on the website. I've looked around and didn't see any current add-ons which offer this service. I'm using v2.3.3. To be honest, I'm still pretty new to coding and everything so I'm trying it out for a project and maybe for future use by myself. My knowledge of how to link the database to the php code isn't there so my database has been coming up with blank entries. What I did was to just copy bits of database codes I could understand from the categories.php file. Javascript functions where I can enter the price, shipping cost and quantity, which will result in the total cost "magically" appearing in the text box is also missing. Tried it out but couldn't get it to work so I deleted it. I'm not too sure what the php code is for making a form so I kept to another file I made which I'd rather not and make it look as "oscommerce-y" as possible. And, I've no idea how the save button works. Thanks in advance for taking time to read my lump of code. This is what I've done so far.